Richard M. Weiss

Office: Bromfield-Pearson Building, Room 116
Phone: 1-617-627-3802

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Research Interests

Group theory, especially buildings and other geometric aspects of group theory.


Moufang Polygons (co-author: J. Tits)
Springer-Verlag, 2002
The Structure of Spherical Buildings
Princeton University Press, 2004
Quadrangular Algebras
Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Princeton University Press, 2006
The Structure of Affine Buildings
Annals of Mathematics Studies, Princeton University Press, 2008.

Selected Publications

Elations of graphs
Acta Math. Acad. Sci Hungar. 34, pp. 101-103 (1979)
Groups with a $(B,N)$-Pair and Locally Transitive Graphs
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A Uniqueness Lemma for Groups Generated by 3-transpositions
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On Distance-Transitive Graphs
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Distance-Transitive Graphs and Generalized Polygons
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A Characterization of the Group $\hat M_{12}$
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A Characterization and Another Construction of Janko's Group $J_3$
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On a Theorem of Goldschmidt
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Modified Steinberg Relations for the Group $J_4$ (co-author: G. Stroth)
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A New Construction of the Group $Ru$ (co-author: G. Stroth)
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A Characterization of the Group $Co_3$ as a Transitive Extension of $HS$
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A Geometric Characterization of the Groups $McL$ and $Co_3$
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A Geometric Characterization of the Groups $M_{12}$, $He$ and $Ru$
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A Characterization of the Groups $Fi_{22}$, $Fi_{23}$ and $Fi_{24}$ (Co-author: J. van Bon)
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Moufang Trees and Generalized Hexagons
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Moufang Quadrangles of Type $E_6$ and $E_7$
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Moufang Sets and Jordan Division Algebras (co-author: Tom De Medts)
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On the action of the Hua group in special Moufang sets (co-author: Y. Segev)
Proc. Cambr. Phil. Soc. 144 (2008), 77-84.
Non-discrete Euclidean buildings for the Ree and Suzuki groups (co-authors Petra Hitzelberger and Linus Kramer)
Amer. J. Math., 132 (2010), 1113-1152.
The group $E_6(q)$ and graphs with a locally linear group of automorphisms. (co-author: V. I. Trofimov)
Math. Proc. Cambridge Phil. Soc. 148 (2010), 1-32.
On the existence of certain affine buildings of type E_6 and E_7
J. reine u. angewandte Math. (Crelle), to appear.
The norm of a Ree group (co-author: Tom De Medts )
Nagoya Math. J., 199 (2010), 15-41.
The Kneser-Tits conjecture for groups with Tits-index E_{8,2}^{66} over an arbitrary field (co-authors: R. Parimala and J.-P. Tignol)
Transform. Groups, to appear.
Receding polar regions of a spherical building and the center conjecture (co-author: B. Mühlherr),
Ann. Inst. Fourier, to appear.
Compact totally disconnected Moufang buildings (co-authors: Theo Grundhöfer, Linus Kramer and Hendrik Van Maldeghem),
Tohoku Math. J., to appear.