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Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
Spring 2010, Issue 11

The institutional biosafety committees oversee all recombinant DNA research and biohazardous materials research that is conducted at or sponsored by Tufts University or Tufts Medical Center. The committees ensure that such research is performed with proper concern for the safety of research personnel, the environment, and the surrounding communities, and that it is in compliance with federal, state, and local guidelines.

Tufts has two committees:

  1. The Boston-based institutional biosafety committee oversees:
    1. Tufts University Health Sciences Campus
    2. Tufts University Medford/Somerville Campus
    3. Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging
    4. Tufts Medical Center

  2. The Grafton-based IBC regulates:
    1. Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
    2. New England Regional Biosafety Laboratory

All investigators who work with recombinant DNA, infectious agents, materials subject to select agent regulations, or biological toxins must obtain IBC approval prior to working with these agents. Some protocols will receive administrative approval and do not need to be reviewed by the full committee; others, however, require a full-committee review. IBC review includes assessment of the facilities, procedures, practices, expertise of personnel, and training.

The list of biohazardous agents requiring approval has recently been expanded, so if you are working with an agent that did not require review in the past it may require review now. Please ask your campus biosafety officer if you are not sure if you need to receive IBC approval for your research protocol.

The IBCs also provide assistance in the broader area of biological safety practices. Faculty and staff requesting information or having concerns about biohazards should contact the IBC chair or manager.

For more information on the IBCs and contact information, please go to the IBC website.



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