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Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
Fall 2010, Issue 12

Mandatory Biosafety Training

Prior to beginning work with any biohazardous material, principal investigators are required to register the work with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and obtain approval. All research personnel listed on the registrations are required to attend a “Basic Biosafety in the Research Laboratory” seminar within 90 days of this approval. Personnel added to an active IBC registration have 90 days from the date of their addition to attend the seminar.

The “Basic Biosafety in the Research Laboratory” seminar will include information on federal, state, and local regulations, risk assessments, hazards of agents, exposure routes, personal protective equipment, engineering controls, decontamination, spill responses, exposure responses, bloodborne pathogens, training requirements, and lab responsibilities. Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) offers this basic biosafety training on all campuses throughout the year. See EHS Training for upcoming locations and dates. Seminar registration is required and can be done by emailing EHS at ehs-training@tufts.edu. Attendees are required to sign in at the seminar and will receive a training certification from the EHS office at completion. Basic biosafety training needs to be renewed at least every 3 years. All personnel are tracked for compliance with the training requirement and are sent reminders about renewing training prior to the three-year renewal date.

Advanced Biosafety training is required for personnel who plan to work with certain types of biohazardous material. Advanced training is usually agent-specific and is offered on an as-needed basis. EHS staff will inform personnel listed on an active IBC registration of any required advanced training.

Shipping Infectious and Other Biological Materials training is required for individuals involved in the shipping process. EHS offers this training regularly throughout the year and by request. This training needs to be renewed every three years. See EHS Training.

For more information, please see the IBC Policy and Procedures for Mandatory Biosafety Training and the EHS Training.



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