May 2004, Issue 2

Internal Sponsored Coordination Form (ISC Form) for Proposal Submissions

As your proposal nears completion, you need to fill out the appropriate Internal Sponsored Coordination Form (ISC form) for your campus (Medford or Health Sciences) and get it to the Office of the Vice Provost, along with a copy of your proposal and a Financial Interest Disclosure Form. These documents must arrive at the Office of the Vice Provost ideally at least five business days before the proposal submission deadline. The ISC form requests basic information about your grant, such as its title, sponsor, and budget. All ISC forms require the signatures of the principal investigator and the department chair. Some require additional signatures. The ISC form lets the associate directors for grants and contracts administration know that the appropriate officials have agreed to the proposal's provisions, such as new courses, space, or equipment. The signed form indicates compliance with federal and Tufts regulations and therefore protects the interests of the PI and the University. Here are some tips for filling out the form:

ISC Form Request
Prime sponsor (ie NIH, NSF) Give the specific institute, such as NIDDK or NCI.
If you are a subcontractor for another university, give that university's prime sponsor.
Subcontracting sponsor
(where Tufts is the subrecipient)
If you are doing work for another institution, then that institution is the subcontracting sponsor.
Sponsor reference number For new proposals leave this blank.
For a renewal give the grant number assigned by the sponsor.
Budget This is not required for NIH modular grants.
For the 12-Month column, give the 12-month budget figures. For the Total Period column, give the total budget figures for the entire proposed period. Ensure that all figures track throughout the document, ie, ISC form, face page, budget pages/justification, and checklist page.

Protocol approval numbers for human subjects or animal use

For a new proposal, protocols are pending. For subsequent years, provide the approval date and protocol number(s).
Signatures Signatures must be obtained in the order listed on the form.
PI Your signature certifies that you are in full compliance with all Tufts and federal regulations.

Required for all Medford proposals.

Only required for the Health Sciences Campus if the project has cost sharing.

The ISC form is located at:


Tufts University, Office of the Vice Provost
Health Sciences Campus: (617) 636-6550
Medford Campus: (617) 627-3417
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