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Tech Transfer Welcomes New Staff Member
Spring 2009, Issue 10

Colm Lawler, PhD, joined the Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration (OTL&IC) in May 2008 as an associate director. He is the primary contact for Tufts Medical Center and specializes in the life sciences and medical technologies.

Lawler earned a PhD from University College Dublin in 1994. He completed a year each of postdoctoral research at Southampton General Hospital and University College Galway. In 1996 he transitioned from laboratory research to technology transfer and spent two years at BioResearch Ireland working in business development. In 1998 he came to the US and worked for the next 10 years in the technology transfer offices of Michigan State University and Massachusetts General Hospital.

With over 12 years of experience in technology transfer, Lawler is well positioned to assist Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center investigators in the protection and development of their inventions. He especially likes to work with people who are motivated to move the results of their research into the marketplace. “I enjoy seeing new companies get formed and assisting scientists in realizing visions for their ideas,” says Lawler. “I recently completed my first start-up company license since joining the Tufts community, and it involves a medical device project from Tufts Medical Center.” Lawler has evaluated many new ideas from academic inventors, and he’s learned that ingredients for successfully commercializing a technology include science that addresses a specific market need, an inventor who is enthusiastic, and a business plan for the invention that is developed collaboratively by the scientist and the technology transfer officer.

Lawler welcomes investigators to call, email, or stop by his office to talk about any new idea. He can be reached at 617-636-0338 and at colm.lawler@tufts.edu. The OTL&IC is located in Suite 950 on the 9th floor at 75 Kneeland Street, Boston.

For more information on the OTL&IC, please go to http://techtransfer.tufts.edu.


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