User-Friendly IRB Submissions

The purpose of the Social, Behavioral & Educational Research Institutional Review Board (SBER IRB) is to ensure the protection of human subjects while facilitating the conduct of human subjects research at Tufts. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or are preparing to forward your first protocol for review, the following checklist should prove useful.

1) Find out if your proposed research requires IRB review. What Must be Reviewed?

2) Verify that all research personnel have completed the current IRB education requirements. Required Education in the Protection of Human Subjects.

3) Review the new forms that have been developed to assist you in the application process.  While specific protocols may require additional forms, all new protocol submissions should include:

    a) IRB Protocol Cover Sheet

    b) IRB Protocol Application for Exempt Status or IRB Protocol Application (For more information, please see Exemption from IRB Review)

    c) Informed Consent Form (for subjects 18 years old and over)
    Informed Consent Form (for subjects under 18 years old)
    Request for Waiver of Consent

4) Submit a Modification Request Form for a protocol that has already been approved prior to implementation of the modification (unless such modification is required to protect the subjects)

5) Submit a Continuing Review Form for ongoing research annually

6) Plan IRB submissions around current deadlines for submissions for full review

Determinations that protocols are exempt from IRB review or are eligible for expedited review are made on a rolling basis. Even if you believe your protocol meets the requirements for expedited review or exemption, however, you may want to submit it in time to be reviewed at a scheduled meeting – in the event that the IRB administrator determines that the protocol requires full-committee review.

For more information, please visit the SBER IRB website.

This SBER IRB brochure gives a look at the IRB process on the Medford campus.


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