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No-Cost Extension of Grant Award Expiration Date

Ninety days before the expiration date of a grant, the principal investigator (PI) receives an automated email from Sponsored Programs Accounting with the subject line “90 Day Grant Termination Notification.” Once the expiration date is reached, the PI no longer has access to grant funds. If more time is needed beyond the expiration date to complete the proposed work, and the funding award allows no-cost extensions, the PI can request an extension through the Office of Research Administration (ORA).

To request a no-cost extension, please download the Rebudget/No-Cost Extension Approval Form from the ORA website, complete the No-Cost Extension section, sign, date, and send the completed form to your ORA associate director. Provide the reason for the request and your requested new expiration date, which may not exceed 12 months from the original expiration date. Please provide enough detail to justify your request and explain any delay that might have affected your project. The fact of “left-over” money is not sufficient justification; that said, there should be funds remaining on the grant for activities during the extension period.

When the ORA associate director receives the Rebudget/No-Cost Extension Approval Form, s/he will review the award conditions, contact the PI for any additional information needed, and contact the funding agency to request the no-cost extension. The ORA associate director will notify the PI if the no-cost extension is granted. Additionally, the ORA will notify Sponsored Programs Accounting and departmental contacts of the new end date to ensure that funds are accessible during the no-cost extension period.

Although a first request for a no-cost extension is usually allowed if the PI has a strong reason for the request and the award permits no-cost extensions, subsequent requests are difficult to obtain from most funding agencies. Subsequent requests require a highly detailed justification and solid evidence of progress during the first no-cost extension.

For more information, please contact your ORA associate director.



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