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Spring 2009, Issue 10

Promoting Tufts Technologies in China

Martin Son, an associate director in the Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration, was an invited speaker at the Intellectual Property & Industry Collaboration (IP & IC) Summit 2008 held in Beijing, China. The summit was organized by the World Innovation Institute, an organization that works to foster relationships on behalf of the Chinese ministries of Commerce (MOC) and Science and Technology (MOST).

Speakers at the summit represented various parts of the intellectual property, technology, and commercialization communities. They discussed ways to buy and sell intellectual property around the world, venture capital, and intellectual property from a corporate point of view. Son spoke on the US system through which university inventions are transferred to the commercial sector. “Many countries around the world (including China) have chosen to emulate aspects of the US system,” says Son.

Son spoke broadly about technology transfer in the US, about the Tufts tech transfer office, and about recent initiatives of MATTO, the Massachusetts Association of Technology Transfer Offices. Tufts is an active member of MATTO and was instrumental in the creation of the Massachusetts Technology Portal, which provides a searchable database of licensable technologies from many of the public and private research institutions in Massachusetts. The MassTechPortal is a joint project of MATTO and the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, another organization that fosters technology transfer from Massachusetts institutions. Son said that a system like MATTO is very appealing to Chinese technology transfer stakeholders, not only for searching technologies listed on the MassTechPortal but also as a model to emulate in creating a system for technologies coming out of Chinese institutions.

The IP & IC Summit also sparked discussions about opportunities to more directly market and promote Tufts inventions to Chinese businesses.

For more information on the Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration, please go to http://techtransfer.tufts.edu.
For MATTO, please go to http://www.masstechtransfer.org.
For the MassTechPortal, please go to http://www.masstechportal.org.


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