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Spring 2007, Issue 7

Marketing Tufts Technologies on the Internet


The Tufts Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration (OTL&IC) takes active advantage of the internet to market technologies created at Tufts University and Tufts–New England Medical Center. Marketing technologies is an important step in the translation of scientific discoveries into products that can benefit the public. Searchable internet databases of licensable technologies not only benefit industries seeking to license a technology, they also benefit investigators seeking to browse new technologies or search for specific technologies, perhaps to find a collaborator.


You can search for information on licensable Tufts technologies in several ways. The OTL&IC website at techtransfer.tufts.edu offers a Search Technologies option that allows you to search by key word, category, or disease. For example, searching in the category “genomics” retrieves titles and invention summaries for several technologies, along with contact information. OTL&IC staff update the database on a weekly basis. There is also an option to submit a technology Wishlist. The wish list allows you to inform the OTL&IC of your technology interests and stay current about new developments.


Martin Son, OTL&IC associate director of licensing, was instrumental in the recent development of the Massachusetts Technology Portal, which provides a searchable database of licensable technologies from many of the public and private research institutions in Massachusetts. The Mass Tech Portal is a joint project of the Massachusetts Association of Technology Transfer Offices and the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center. The number of participating universities and hospitals (currently about 20) is growing. The Mass Tech Portal self-updates every evening; it seeks out the designated web pages of participating institutions, which are in turn updated regularly by the participating tech transfer offices. Searching this database for “genomics/proteomics” retrieves several dozen licensable technologies, each with the title, inventor, summary, institution, and contact information.


Technologies available on the Massachusetts Technology Portal are also indexed by and searchable through the Google search engine. This allows someone unfamiliar with the Mass Tech Portal to be brought to it. However, because of the amount of material available on the internet, the search needs to be specific for Mass Tech Portal technologies to appear on one of the first pages of results. For example, searching for “neurotrophic factor” might show a Mass Tech Portal technology on a high number–result page, but searching for “neurotrophic factor” and “licensable” and “technology” would bring it up on the first page.


For more information on Tufts technologies and the OTL&IC, please go to http://techtransfer.tufts.edu/.



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