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Spring 2012, Issue 14

Heather Curtis American Religious History and Its Importance in Understanding Global Events
Heather Curtis (ThD, Harvard 2005) joined the Department of Religion in 2007. Her fields include the global history of Christianity, American religious history, and the history of Protestant spirituality and reform movements.
Erik Dopman A Window into the Origin of Species
Erik Dopman, PhD, joined the Department of Biology in 2009. He uses his expertise in evolutionary biology (PhD, Cornell University) and genomics and bioinformatics (postdoctoral research, Harvard University) to explore how species originate.
Matthias Scheutz Teaching Robots the Complexities of Human Social Interactions
Matthias Scheutz, PhD, joined the Department of Computer Science in 2010. His main research areas are human–robot interactions and computational models/complex systems.
Giuseppina Tesco Unraveling the Accumulation of Amyloid-Beta in Alzheimer’s Disease
Giuseppina Tesco, MD, PhD, joined the Department of Neuroscience in 2009. Tesco is working on mechanisms of regulating amyloid-beta peptide, which accumulates in the brains of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease.
Jennifer Tsai Welcome New Member of the OTL&IC Team
Jennifer Tsai joined the Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration (OTL&IC) in May 2011. As associate director for commercialization, Tsai develops strategies for bringing Tufts inventions into public use, and she is the OTL&IC contact for inbound and outbound marketing and communications.
Affiliates Understanding Aneurysms
Adel Malek, MD, PhD, is chief of neurovascular surgery at Tufts Medical Center, where he heads the Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Division in the Department of Neurosurgery. He is also an associate professor of neurosurgery at Tufts University School of Medicine. Malek’s research focuses on the mechanical forces on blood vessel walls and the relation between these forces and vascular disorders, primarily in the cerebral vasculature.
Featured Core Facility/Center Animal Histology Core
The Animal Histology Core (AHC) offers research animal histology services to Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center investigators as well as external users. Services include frozen sectioning, tissue trimming, and routine tissue processing, paraffin embedding, sectioning, and staining.
Events Cummings School Research Symposium

Academic Symposium—Advances in Child Development

Science at Tufts for the 21st Century

Research Administration No-Cost Extension of Grant Award Expiration Date
Ninety days before the expiration date of a grant, the principal investigator (PI) receives an automated email from Sponsored Programs Accounting with the subject line “90 Day Grant Termination Notification.” Once the expiration date is reached, the PI no longer has access to grant funds. If more time is needed beyond the expiration date to complete the proposed work, and the funding award allows no-cost extensions, the PI can request an extension through the Office of Research Administration (ORA).
OTL&IC Evidence-Worthy Laboratory Notebooks: Guidelines from the Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration
A laboratory notebook is a legal as well as scientific document. It details all the experiments the investigator has tried and all the steps s/he has taken to validate the work. A laboratory notebook is also a valuable evidentiary document that can be used in drafting patent applications and in clarifying issues of inventorship.
IRB When Students Do Human Subject Research
Any research conducted by students, graduate or undergraduate, that does not fall under the definition of a research practicum, that involves human beings as subjects, and that is intended to contribute to generalizable knowledge must be reviewed and approved by one of the two Tufts Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) prior to the start of research.
IBC NIH Requirements for Funding Applications Involving Vertebrate Animals
The NIH requires a Vertebrate Animal Section in all funding proposals that involve vertebrate animals.
U.S. Patents U.S. patents issued to Tufts University between March 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.


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