Spring 2008, Issue 8

New Animal Histology Core in the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine

The new Animal Histology Core of the Research Animal Health and Pathology Support Laboratory in the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) offers a variety of services to Tufts and Tufts Medical Center investigators and to external users as well.

The Core’s American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)-certified histotechnician is experienced in handling animal tissues and assists researchers by providing histology services, training, and consultation. The Animal Histology Core encourages interactions between its staff and your lab for optimal results on your research project. Turnaround is usually two days to a week depending on the project.

Services include:

  • Necropsy and tissue collection
    • Gross exam with report on abnormalities
    • Collection and optimal fixation of tissues
    • Training in necropsy technique
    • Photodocumentation of lesion
  • Frozen sectioning
    • Preparation, freezing, and cutting of standard frozen sections
    • Fixing, staining, and cover slipping

Note: Unsupervised use of cryostat by investigators is allowed after training

  • Tissue trimming
    • Trimming of submitted fixed tissues to ensure best results
    • Decalcification of bone specimens
  • Tissue embedding
    • Correct orientation of samples in paraffin wax
  • Tissue sectioning
    • Basic microtomy to produce standard 4-µm paraffin sections
    • Advanced sectioning (e.g., step sectioning, levels, thick sections)
    • Unstained sections for your laboratory to perform immunohistochemistry
  • Staining
    • Standard and special staining (please inquire about available stains)
    • Rapid hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) for frozen sections
    • Cover slip slides
  • Interpretation and reports
    • Veterinary pathologist available to read slides, or for consultation

Contact the Animal Histology Core to help plan histology projects and to develop budgets for histology in grant applications. Email the histotechnician for the submission form, fee schedule, and laboratory policies. Samples can be placed in a drop-off bin outside of the Core.

The Animal Histology Core is located on the Boston Health Sciences Campus in the Stearns Research Building, 120 Harrison Avenue, Room 411. Laboratory hours are 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

For more information, please contact:
Derek Papalegis, HT (ASCP), histotechnician, (617) 636-2971, derek.papalegis@tufts.edu
Lauren Richey, DVM, PhD, veterinary pathologist, lauren.richey@tufts.edu


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