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Spring 2009, Issue 10

Research Day on Cancer

The Office of the Vice Provost hosted a Research Day on Cancer in October 2008. This was the sixth in a series of Research Days to showcase Tufts research and provide opportunities for finding new collaborators, both from Tufts and from industry. Vice Provost Peggy Newell welcomed attendees. Dean Deborah Kochevar, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, remarked in her opening statement that the incidence of cancer is declining as progress is made in prevention, screening, targeted treatment, and changes in lifestyle. The day began with lightning talks on cancer susceptibility, biomarkers, new targets for therapeutics, and emerging technology. After lunch, presentations were given by three researchers who investigate cancer in very different ways: Richard Van Etten spoke on understanding the pathogenesis and therapy of human leukemia through studies in mice; Charlotte Kuperwasser spoke on elucidating the origins of human breast cancer heterogeneity; and Sergio Fantini spoke on using light to detect breast cancer. The day ended with a poster session at which attendees had the opportunity to talk to speakers and other poster presenters about their research. For more information, please go to the Research Days website.

Renal Research Symposium

The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine hosted a symposium on renal research in October 2008. The symposium was sponsored by the Cummings School REVEAL Program (Residents’ Enhanced Veterinary Education and Academic Learning), which is directed by Lisa Freeman. Investigators from across Tufts University presented their research and answered questions from the 30 or so attendees. Discussions focused on the epidemiology, assessment, treatment, and care of human and animal patients with chronic kidney disease. Talks included clinical practice guidelines, animal models for assessment, cardiovascular disease in kidney disease, and B vitamin treatment in kidney transplant recipients. MDs, DVMs, PhDs, and graduate students exchanged ideas easily in the comfortable atmosphere. Linda Ross moderated the symposium. She welcomes interested parties to contact her at linda.ross@tufts.edu for symposium information. For more information on the REVEAL Program, please go to http://www.tufts.edu/vet/reveal.

Seminar on Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurism

In November 2008, the Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration (OTL&IC) hosted a seminar on intellectual property and entrepreneurism. Welcoming remarks by Kenneth Kaitin, director of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, focused on the new collaborative process between industry and academia for commercializing early stage research. Brenda Jarrell, an intellectual property attorney, gave a basic introduction to patents, emphasizing the importance of keeping detailed research records and always being on the lookout for a potential discovery, be it a new thing, a new method, or a new use for an existing thing. Clifford Woolf, an academic entrepreneur who studies pain, said he started two companies because he wanted to put his research to use. He mentioned several models for bringing early stage research to market, such as joining forces with research competitors to form a company, working with the tech transfer office to find an industry partner, and working on a co-development project between your academic institution and an industry partner. Doug Cole, a venture capitalist, explained that venture capitalists tend to fund early stage research startups, helping them form and advance to the point of real value that is apparent to mainstream investors. He said researchers can work with the OTL&IC to identify venture capitalists who may be interested in a particular technology. For more information, please go to http://techtransfer.tufts.edu.



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