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Spring 2010, Issue 11

The following U.S. patents were issued to Tufts University between October 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009.

Concentrated Aqueous Silk Fibroin Solution and Use Thereof
Inventors: David L. Kaplan, Ung-Jin Kim, Jaehyung Park, and Hyoung-Joon Jin
U.S. patent 7,635,755, issued December 22, 2009

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer
Inventor: Samuel P. Kounaves
U.S. patent 7,632,393, issued December 15, 2009

Methods for Detecting Target Analytes and Enzymatic Reactions
Inventors: David R. Walt and Karri Lynn Ballard
U.S. patent 7,622,294, issued November 24, 2009

Nuclear Transfer Embryo Formation Method
Inventors: Eric W. Overstrom and Daniela Fischer Russell
U.S. patent 7,612,250, issued November 3, 2009

Fluorous Capping Reagents and Methods for Peptide Purification
Inventors: Krishna Kumar and Vittorio Montanari
U.S. patent 7,612,166, issued November 3, 2009

Method and System of Array Imaging
Inventors: David R. Walt and Sandra Bencic-Nagale
U.S. patent 7,595,473, issued September 29, 2009

7-Substituted Tetracycline Compounds
Inventors: Mark L. Nelson, Roger Frechette, Peter Viski, Beena Bhatia, David Messersmith, Mohamed Y. Ismail, Todd Bowser, Laura McIntyre, Darrell J. Koza, Glen Rennie, Paul Sheahan, Paul Hawkins, Atul K. Verma, Tadeusz Warchol, and Upul Bandarage
U.S. patent 7,595,309, issued September 29, 2009 to Tufts University and Paratek Pharmaceuticals

Mammalian Telophase Oocyte Enucleation
Inventors: Alexander Baguisi and Eric W. Overstrom
U.S. patent 7,592,503, issued September 22, 2009

Compound Combinations for Inhibiting Cell Division and Methods for Their Identification and Use
Inventors: Debrabata RayChaudhuri and Marc Kirschner
U.S. patent 7,575,889, issued August 18, 2009 to Tufts University and President and Fellows of Harvard College

Templated Native Silk Smectic Gels
Inventors: Hyoung-Joon Jin, Jae-Hyung Park, and Regina Valluzzi
U.S. patent 7,572,894, issued August 11, 2009

Apolipoprotein A1 Mimetics and Uses Thereof
Inventor: William W. Bachovchin
U.S. patent 7,569,546, issued August 4, 2009

Compositions and Methods for Screening Anti-Cancer Agents in Yeast
Inventor: Dean Dawson
U.S. patent July 7, 2009, issued July 7, 2009

7-Phenyl-Substituted Tetracycline Compounds
Inventors: Mark L. Nelson, Glen Rennie, and Darrell J. Koza
U.S. patent 7,521,437, issued April 21, 2009

Electro-optical Stimulation/Measurement
Inventors: David R. Walt and Sabine Szunerits
U.S. patent 7,480,433, issued January 20, 2009

Method of Regulating Glucose Metabolism, and Reagents Related Thereto
Inventors: William W. Bachovchin, Andrew G. Plaut, and Daniel Drucker
U.S. patent 7,459,428, issued December 2, 2008 to Tufts University, New England Medical Center Hospitals, and 1149336 Ontario



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