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Welcome to our newsletter. Its purpose is to provide investigators at Tufts with helpful information. In Researchers @ Tufts you will find background on new members of the faculty and information about their current research and interest in collaboration opportunities. Each issue of Research News also includes a Featured Core Facility or Center to publicize these Tufts resources. The Featured Events section provides news from recent campus events. Inside the OVP you will find office updates, information on grants and contracts in Research Administration, tech transfer information in Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration, information for researchers working with biohazardous materials or animals in Institutional Biosafety Committee / Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and Institutional Review Board information in Research Involving Human Subjects. What's New @ Our Affiliates? highlights research at one of our affiliated hospitals, Funded Research lists projects awarded funding from March to December 2011, and Issued U.S. Patents lists patents awarded during the same period. The Archives section contains articles from past issues. The “DID YOU KNOW?” on the left side of each page offers brief announcements. Research News @ Tufts is part of the continuing effort of the provost's office to foster an environment that supports and encourages research.

The Office of the Vice Provost hosts a series of Research Days to showcase research at Tufts University's three campuses and the campuses of its affiliated hospitals. The first eight Research Days have focused on infectious disease; cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes; environmental scholarship; drug discovery and development; translational research; cancer research; global health; and sustainability. Each event includes faculty lightening talks, speaker presentations, poster presentations, and a reception, and provides opportunities for finding new collaborators, both from Tufts and from industry. Please check the Research Days website for information and announcements on future events.

Peggy Newell
Vice Provost



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