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The following US patents were issued to Tufts University between January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2012:

Methods and Compositions for Inhibition of Multi-drug Resistance by Hyaluronan Oligomers
Inventors: Bryan P. Toole, Suniti Misra, and Shibnath Ghatak
U.S. patent 8,093,217, issued January 10, 2012

Methods of Preparing Substituted Tetracyclines with Transition Metal-based Chemistries
Inventors: Mark L. Nelson, Glen Rennie, and Darrell J. Koza
U.S. patent 8,106,225, issued January 31, 2012

T. cruzi-derived Neurotrophic Agents and Methods of Use Therefor
Inventors: Marina Chuenkova and Miercio A. Pereira
U.S. patent 8,114,412, issued February 14, 2012

7-phenyl-substituted Tetracycline Compounds
Inventors: Mark L. Nelson and Mohamed Y. Ismail
U.S. patent 8,119,622, issued February 21, 2012

Apolipoprotein A1 Mimetics and Uses Thereof
Inventor: William W. Bachovchin
U.S. patent 8,124,580, issued February 28, 2012

Fibrous Protein Fusions and Use Thereof in the Formation of Advanced Organic/Inorganic Composite Materials
Inventors: David L. Kaplan, Jia Huang, Cheryl Wong Po Foo, Rajesh Naik, and Anne George
U.S. patent 8,129,141, issued March 6, 2012, to Tufts University, US Air Force, and University of Illinois

Low Power BPSK Demodulator
Inventors: Zhenying Luo and Sameer Sonkusale
U.S. patent 8,159,288, issued April 17, 2012

7-phenyl-substituted Tetracycline Compounds
Inventors: Mark L. Nelson, Glen Rennie, and Darrell J. Koza
U.S. patent 8,168,810, issued May 1, 2012

Silk-based Drug Delivery System
Inventors: David L. Kaplan and Meinel Lorenz
U.S. patent 8,178,656, issued May 15, 2012, to Tufts University and Eidgenossisches Technische Hochschule, Zurich

Method for Silk Fibroin Gelation Using Sonication
Inventors: Xiaoqin Wang, Jon Kluge, Gary G. Leisk, and David L. Kaplan
U.S. patent 8,187,616, issued May 29, 2012

Spectroscopic Imaging Microscopy
Inventors: Michael R. Webb, Christopher Lafratta, and David R. Walt
U.S. patent 8,189,191, issued May 29, 2012

Biopolymer Optical Waveguide and Method of Manufacturing the Same
Inventors: David L. Kaplan, Fiorenzo Omenetto, Brian Lawrence, and Mark Cronin-Golomb
U.S. patent 8,195,021, issued June 5, 2012

Compositions, Methods and Kits for Repressing Virulence in Gram Positive Bacteria
Inventor: Abraham L. Sonenshein
U.S. patent 8,202,695, issued June 19, 2012

Diazonium Salt Modification of Silk Polymer
Inventors: David L. Kaplan and Amanda Murphy
U.S. patent 8,206,774, issued June 26, 2012

Methods for Diagnosis of Clostridium difficile and Methods and Vectors for Recombinant Toxin Expression
Inventors: Hanping Feng, Saul Tzipori, and Guilin Yang
U.S. patent 8,206,940, issued June 26, 2012

System and Method Employing Fiber Optic Shape Tracking
Inventors: Caroline G. L. Cao, Peter Y. Wong, Lothar Lilge, and Paul Milgram
U.S. patent 8,219,180, issued July 10, 2012, to Tufts University, University Health Network, Toronto, and Governing Council of the University of Toronto

7, 8 and 9-substituted Tetracycline Compounds
Inventors: Mark L. Nelson, Darrell J. Koza, and Glen Rennie
U.S. patent 8,252,777, issued August 28, 2012

9-substituted Minocycline Compounds
Inventors: Mark L. Nelson, Mohamed Y. Ismail, and Laura Honeyman
U.S. patent 8,258,120, issued September 4, 2012, to Tufts University and Paratek Pharmaceuticals

Soft Protease Inhibitors and Pro-soft Forms Thereof
Inventors: William W. Bachovchin, Hung-Sen Lai, and Wengen Wu
U.S. patent 8,268,880, issued September 18, 2012

Heterocyclic Inhibitors of Necroptosis
Inventors: Gregory D. Cuny, Xin Teng, Junying Yuan, and Alexei Degterev
U.S. patent 8,278,344, issued October 2, 2012, to Tufts University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and President and Fellows of Harvard College

Methods and Apparatus for Image Restoration
Inventors: Karen A. Panetta, Sos Agaian, and Aaron Greenblatt
U.S. patent 8,285,070, issued October 9, 2012

Methods and Apparatus for Visual Sub-band Decomposition of Signals
Inventors: Karen A. Panetta and Sos Agaian
U.S. patent 8,285,076, issued October 9, 2012

Functionalization of Silk Material by Avidin-biotin Interaction
Inventors: David L. Kaplan, Xiaoqin Wang, and Monica A. Serban
U.S. patent 8,293,486, issued October 23, 2012

7-N-substituted Phenyl Tetracycline Compounds
Inventors: Mark L. Nelson and Darrell J. Koza
U.S. patent 8,293,931, issued October 23, 2012

Stabilized GLP-1 Analogs
Inventors: William W. Bachovchin and David George Sanford
U.S. patent 8,318,668, issued November 27, 2012

Method of Regulating Glucose Metabolism, and Reagents Related Thereto
Inventors: William W. Bachovchin, Andrew G. Plaut, and Daniel J. Drucker
U.S. patent 8,318,669, issued November 27, 2012, to Tufts University, New England Medical Center Hospitals, and 1149336 Ontario

Humanized Model of Membrane Attack Complex (MAC) Formation on Murine Retina and Compositions, Kits and Methods for Treatment of Macular Degeneration
Inventors: Rajendra Kumar-Singh, Siobhan M. Cashman, and Kasmir Ramo
U.S. patent 8,324,182, Issued December 4, 2012

Optical Array Device and Methods of Use Thereof for Screening, Analysis and Manipulation of Particles
Inventors: David R. Walt and Alexei R. Faustov
U.S. patent 8,338,776, issued December 25, 2012



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