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Postdoctoral Scholars at Tufts University

Welcome to the Tufts University website for postdoctoral scholars! Tufts is a vibrant academic community with more than 200 postdocs on its Boston, Medford and Grafton campuses. We view these scholars as vital to our research and educational community and we recognize that postdocs contribute greatly to the success of Tufts. The administration is strongly committed to enriching trainees' preparation as researchers within the university setting as well as in their future career paths. This website has been designed to offer a wide range of useful information on policies, procedures and available resources that will enhance your postdoctoral experience at Tufts. We wish you much success during your time here and encourage you to experience all that Tufts has to offer!

Our Mission

The mission of the Postdoctoral program at Tufts University is to provide an environment in which Postdoctoral Scholars can broaden their research abilities and equip themselves with the skills necessary for a successful career in their chosen field. Postdoctoral Scholars at Tufts are obligated to carry out a research program to the best of their ability under the guidance of a research advisor.

Tufts University’s website contains general information about the university’s schools, programs, policies and activities. Information about policies that apply to postdocs can be found in:

  • The Postdoc Handbook which provides policies and guidance that apply exclusively to Postdoctoral Scholars.
  • Many of the policies in the Employee Handbook also apply to Postdoctoral Scholars.

Postdoctoral Scholars may also be subject to additional policies that are specific for their host Research Advisors, Departments and Schools.

The policies and guidance in this handbook may be changed at any time and this handbook does not create a contract between the University and any Postdoctoral Scholar.

What's New?

Genomic Data Mining Analyst
An opportunity for an experienced bioinformatics scientist/computational biologist to join the dynamic bioinformatics group and engage in data mining of large-scale genomic data, for the purpose of target discovery and biological pathway elucidation in support of Client Oncology research activities.

Postdoctoral Research in Situated Natural Language Understanding
The HRI Lab at Tufts is looking for two postdoctoral researchers in the area of "situated natural language understanding”.

The Data Incubator
A six-week bootcamp that prepares postdocs and PhDs in STEM and social science fields seeking industry careers as data scientists.

Graduate Internship Program
Beginning in September 2014, Tufts Tech Transfer will offer an internship opportunity to two Tufts University graduate or postdoctoral researchers.

Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
Tufts has initiated individual development plans (IDPs) — a self analysis form to help motivate thinking on career options and develop your strategy to obtain skills to maximize your potential in achieving your career goal.





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