Undergraduate Research Opportunities


Undergraduates are an active and vital component of the research community at Tufts. There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to collaborate with faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers on projects in all disciplines. In addition, there are several resources available for Tufts students looking for research opportunities outside the university or after they complete their degree.

Research resources and opportunities in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering
More research resources for the School of Engineering
Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium
This symposium, held every spring, features presentations by undergraduates in natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, humanities and the arts.
Undergraduate Research Fund
Students may request funding for senior theses and for other proposals emphasizing original research that is directly supervised by a Tufts faculty member.
TII Summer Scholars
This program offers opportunities for undergraduates to contribute to the overarching goals of TII by participating in a new research methodology founded on teamwork and contributing to discoveries intended to enhance the lives of people around the world.

Summer Scholars

The Tufts Summer Scholars program fosters close collaboration between undergraduates and faculty from all three campuses on research ranging from sustainable cities to soft-bodied robots.
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Training Global Leaders

At Tufts' Institute for Global Leadership, undergraduates learn how to think critically about national and international issues across cultures and become better global citizens.
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