• Environmental Health & Safety
    This organization, within the Department of Public Safety, provides both in-person and online training on topics such as biosafety, hazardous waste management, chemical hygiene and radiation.
  • Finance
    Tufts' Finance division offers administrative training classes, either led by an instructor or based online. Subjects covered include department salary reporting, scholarships and fellowships, grants management and business conduct, among many more.
  • Human Resources
    The Organizational and Development component of Human Resources offers several programs for individual contributors, teams, managers and senior and academic leaders, aimed to hone organizational and leadership skills.
  • Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO)
    Tufts' OEO provides training to departments, faculty and managers on issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination prevention, affirmative action and more.
  • Tufts Technology Services (TTS)
    TTS's Knowledge and Training department offers a number of classes, ranging from beginner to advanced levels of technological knowledge, for all faculty and staff. Courses cover software such as Photoshop and Microsoft Office as well as the use of Tufts-specific resources.
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