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July 20, 2009
Mr. Electric

Tufts' Michael Levin is in search of the switches that control how body parts form, heal, and regenerate.
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June 22, 2009
Stomaching the Recession

What the slumping economy will mean for the American diet
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June 8, 2009
With Distinction

The second annual Tufts Distinction Awards honored the achievements of staff and faculty from across the university.
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May 17, 2009
Commencement 2009

In his commencement address, Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick urges graduates to be "pragmatic idealists" and use challenging circumstances as "a platform for change."
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May 4, 2009
Your Favorite Tufts Moment

With the school year winding down, students take the time to share images of the moments that, for them, represent the Tufts experience.
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Apr. 27, 2009
Doing Right by Doing Good

In its first year, a program that helps Tufts graduates working in the nonprofit and public sectors pay off their student loans is making its mark.
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Apr. 20, 2009
Following Their Footsteps

For some members of the Tufts President's Marathon Challenge team, this year's race has become a family affair.
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Apr. 13, 2009
Turning Ideas into Impact

The Civic Engagement Fund at Tisch College helps students across the university launch projects with purpose.
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Apr. 6, 2009
Match Makers

Tufts medical students find out where they will spend their residencies in the annual ritual of "Match Day."
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counterinsurgency humanitarian exercise

Mar. 30, 2009
Understanding Conflict

Tufts students simulate a counterinsurgency scenario in an exercise designed to explore the complex civil-military dynamic.
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Mar. 23, 2009
The Age of Dentistry

With 76 million baby boomers headed into their 60s, the School of Dental Medicine is preparing students to handle the escalating need for geriatric care.
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Mar. 16, 2009
Theory Meets Practice

The School of Engineering's professors of the practice bring real world experiences to the classroom.
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Mar. 9, 2009
The Revolution Will Be Twittered

The Fletcher School's Patrick Meier and Josh Goldstein are examining the role that modern communication technologies play in promoting democracy.
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Mar. 2, 2009
The Road to Korea

Fletcher Dean Stephen Bosworth talks about his new role as special representative for North Korea policy.
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Feb. 23, 2009
Magnet Classes

As students focus on timely and "Tufts-centric" issues, classes like Arabic, Chinese, community health, biomedical engineering and music are seeing a strong uptick in enrollments.
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Feb. 16, 2009
Blog On

Faculty bloggers talk about bringing their academic perspectives to the blogosphere.
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Feb. 4, 2009
The Struggle for Peace

Peace in the Middle East, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said in the Issam M. Fares Lecture, can only be achieved through a global diplomatic effort.
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Jan. 26, 2009
Drawing Conclusions

Comic books aren't kid stuff to psychology graduate student Neil Cohn, who is studying the grammar of visual language.
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Jan. 19, 2009

A new master's program prepares students to thrive in medical school.
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Jan. 12, 2009
The Possible Adventures of Super D

Long known as calcium's sidekick, vitamin D is now gaining recognition for its powers beyond bones. If only more of us got enough of it.
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Jan. 5, 2009
Reaching Out

Shelter veterinarians work to make animals adoptable, and Tufts is making an impact in this emerging veterinary specialty.
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