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AppreciationThe holidays and the new year present an opportunity to reach out to individuals and show appreciation to them. Who will you be showing appreciation to this year -- A mentor? A friend? A local nonprofit? And who else around the world is deserving of appreciation? Members of the Tufts community share their thoughts.

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My parents for all they have done and continue to do to make me feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Jennica F. Allen, Student, School of Arts & Sciences

I appeciate all the good people who make Tufts the great place that it is -- our dedicated faculty, our students who make us proud, our staff that takes such enormous pride in this great place, our alumni, parents, and friends who support us loyally. To all of you, thank you for all that you do for Tufts, and best wishes for the holiday season.

Lawrence S. Bacow, President

My parents, my wife, my children, and my close friends.

Tom Bendheim (A'85)

The many Osher Lifelong Learning Institute members who volunteer as study group leaders, enabling more than 500 hundred lifelong learners locally and globally to reconnect to this wonderful University at very little cost. AND the outstanding University support which makes this program such a successful synergy. We love and appreciate you all. A Happy and Peaceful New Year

Marilyn Blumsack, Program Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Without my father Leonard M. Bornstein (Tufts Medicine 1958) I would not be here today. You not only brought me into this world, but you also taught me how to make the most of life and strive to accomplish whatever goals I aim for. Rest in peace Dad. I know you'll always be at my side.

Benjamin Bornstein (E'10)

I wish to recognize the caring spirit shown by the alumni and students who volunteer with the annual Foster Children's Holiday Party at Tufts. Their holiday cheer, shared with numerous foster families in our neighboring communities, has endured now for 20 years.

Jonathan Burton, Assistant Director of Stewardship & Development, Office of Alumni Relations

I appreciate Dr. Mary Labato and student Danielle Torin. I had brought my kitty Tiggety in for an appointment and they were fabulous with her and her problem is minimal now.

Donna Hall, Secretary, Foster Hospital for Small Animals, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Thanks Dr. Levi for all your help. Couldn't have done it without ya.

Andrew C. Han, Student, School of Dental Medicine

I appreciate so many people. I appreciate my parents for sacrificing so much for my sister and I. I appreciate the director of DLAM, Dr. Scott Perkins, for providing me with opportunities to learn and professional guidance. I appreciate the staff that I supervise and work with, especially Brian Kilpatrick and Keith Kun, for their hard work and dedication to the well being of the animals we care for. I also appreciate the Tufts community for making it a great place to work.

Maureen Kelliher, Animal Facility Manager, Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Elissa Milto has been a wonderful colleague and friend ever since I met her while working at the Center for Engineering Education Outreach. In addition to balancing two kids and work at the CEEO, she volunteers her time at her daughter's school and at her son's school. She's also a wonderful, down to earth person and a wonderful friend. Thank you Elissa!

Meredith Knight, School Outreach Coordinator, School of Engineering

I appreciate Mark Gonthier, Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs at the Dental School, for his tireless commitment to our students. He is a wonderful and helpful resource and his intelligence, kindness, and sense of humor make working with him a pleasure.

Maureen Lombard, Director of Clinical Affairs, School of Dental Medicine

I appreciate the hard-working members of the Alumni Association who provide career advice, interview prospective students, perform community service in the name of the University, raise funds and perform many other tasks to make Tufts the great place that it is.

Alan M. MacDougall (A'65)

I appreciate the three best friends that I made on the first day of freshmen year 2 years ago. Us four rock the world, and take it on by storm, and I am so grateful to have these three as a part of my family. One is leaving to go abroad, but the love and bond between us four is stronger than oceans. Happy Holidays girlies. Love you

Ashti Mistry, Student, School of Arts & Sciences

To all my instructors, thank you for your dedication to helping me to further my knowledge and skills and for being patient and being there anytime that I needed you. This I will greatly appreciate in my future.

Zuzana Mendez, Student, School of Dental Medicine

T! She always makes my day better, especially when she brings me chocolate! She is a fabulous person.

Stephanie Pritchard, Student, School of Medicine

Thank you to all the Tufts staff who don't usually get recognition. The secretaries, the department coordinators, the librarians, etc. You're the ones that truly make our education possible.

Bryna O'Sullivan, Student, School of Arts & Sciences

I am grateful for the faculty in the Classics Department with whom I work. They are wonderful people who have a passion for what they do. They make the department a wonderful place to work but they also show by example the kind of care, concern and sacrifice that helps make them superior teachers. They each put the needs of their students first and they reflect the long tradition of the department as a caring, student centered place.

I am grateful as well for the students that I encounter each and every day at Tufts. Both graduate students and undergraduates, they are among the kindest, most intelligent and dedicated people I know. They are also amongthe most caring and compassionate

I am grateful for the two TAs I worked with this past fall. More professional, helpful and accomplished individuals I could not have asked for. They were both more than outstanding and a real pleasure to work with.

Lastly, I am grateful for my student office staff. The students who work with me in the Classics Department office are simply extraordinary. They make coming to work each day a true pleasure and make even the most difficult day manageable.

To have the chance to work with the faculty and students that I do is an honor and privilege for which I am truly thankful.

David Proctor, Department Administrator, Classics, School of Arts & Sciences

I would like to thank the faculty, staff, and students in the math department for making my job as interim department head rewarding and even fun. When I go back to being a regular faculty member next year, I will have a new appreciation of you all.

Todd Quinto, Professor of Mathematics, School of Arts & Sciences

I would like to express my love and appreciation for my Auntie who has for so many years continues to keep the family together. And my daughter, niece and their kids who keep me grounded, and to my friends and coworkers.

Lesyslie Rackard, Administrative Assistant, Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine

I wish to extend my gratitude to my two Staff Assistants, Carla Walsh and Lori Jackson, who continually support me with grace and professionalism. I wish them health and happiness in 2008!

Patricia Romeo, Department Administrator, Education, School of Arts & Sciences

I wish to recognize Carol Liedes for her role in organizing Christmas gifts for families supported by Project Respond. Without her support and participation by many staff members from General Accounting, many needy families, particularly children, would not receive gifts this season. Thank you.

Rock Rottler, Senior Budget Analyst, Finance

As always, I appreciate my parents for everything they have done for me, and continue to do for me even though I am, governmentally, considered an adult!

Also, I really appreciate Minister Joyce Meyer, whose television program I watch daily via internet on my computer. I appreciate how, through her, I see the conditions of people around the world, and I am reminded daily that I am so blessed. It helps me keep my little frustrations in check compared to what other people around the world are going through. Joyce Meyer often asks her audience, "what have you done today to put a smile on someone else's face?" How can you not appreciate someone that asks you that?

Elizabeth Simpson, Student, School of Dental Medicine

I would like to thank every member of the Tufts Observer staff who I have been lucky enough to work with over the past three years. It's been a privilege and an honor.

Michael Skocay, Student, School of Arts & Sciences

Kelly Rizzetta and the staff of the Daily for welcoming a lowly freshman copy editor (me) into the paper's community. I didn't regret a single one of my Thursday night 8:30pm-1:30am shifts

Christopher Snyder, Student, School of Arts & Sciences

My TASA [Tufts Association of South Asians] big sister, for helping me make the best decision of my freshman year. I love Tufts Bhangra and it won't be the same without you -- have fun in Barcelona!

Kristen Surya, Student, School of Arts & Sciences

I'm expressing appreciation for our Department Administrator, Rita Dioguardi. She not only works tirelessly for the department and its programs year-round, but she is also a caring sounding board for students, faculty, and other staff. Rita has been with Tufts for decades and has been in her current position for about fifteen years. She has toiled through periods when she should have taken vacation time just to keep the department on track. She has little assistance for her work on behalf of a multi-dimensional department, and her loyalty is immense.

Alice Trexler, Associate Professor and Director, Dance Program

I appreciate all of the faculty, staff, and students who are working on climate change issues at Tufts. I recently attended the Stockholm Environment Institute's Symposium on Climate Change at Tufts, and I've been working all year with a group of dedicated faculty and staff members on the Climate Change, Climate Justice series. Through my participation in these activities, I've learned a lot about what Tufts is doing in relation to climate change, and it makes me very proud to work here.

Dona Yarbrough, Director, LGBT Center

Who do you appreciate? Share your thoughts and they may be added to the collection.

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This story originally ran on Dec. 24, 2007.