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When the semester starts to cool down, student performance groups at Tufts begin heating up.

Performing Arts at Tufts
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Q&A: Beelzebubs & Jackson Jills

When many students have their minds on Thanksgiving turkeys or winter break plane fares, hundreds of undergraduates are heading to rehearsal spaces at 10 o'clock at night to practice their moves until they get it perfect. And when they're not practicing, they're fliering and chalking up a storm, making sure everyone knows about the big night, the big show.

These are the students who regularly draw sellout crowds to Cohen Auditorium and other campus venues, the students for whom the performing arts groups at Tufts are like second families. And at the end of each semester, they go out with a bang, strutting their stuff in a series of shows that ensure no one will head into finals without a song on their lips and a beat in their brains.

To learn more about these experiences, we spoke to students involved in a variety of performance groups, most of whom on Nov. 17 participated in the end-of-semester "Supershow," an annual showcase of student performances that annually sells out Tufts' largest performance hall. Organized by the dance group Sarabande, the performance featured the dance, music and comedy the talents of seven student groups. The Jackson Jills held their fall reception Dec. 3, and the Beelzebubs held their winter show Dec. 1. We also followed one highly popular group, the dance troupe Spirit of Color (SoC), during the first of two end-of-semester shows they headlined on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

Interviews by Carly Burdick, Class of 2009

Photos by Joanie Tobin, Tufts University Photo

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This story originally ran on Dec. 11, 2006.