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Honoring Excellence

Students from Tufts’ three campuses earned a variety of highly prestigious fellowships and scholarships this spring.

Belitsky Vera Belitsky (A'07)
Fulbright Scholarship, Russia
Garber Elliott Garber (V'09)
Fogarty Fellowship, India
Goldberg Julia Goldberg (A'07)
2007 All-USA College Academic Second Team
Harris Aaron Harris (M'09)
Fogarty Fellowship, Bangladesh
Ingold-Smith McCaila Ingold-Smith (A'07)
Fulbright Scholarship, Thailand
Kehayias Pauli Kehayias (E'09)
Goldwater Scholarship
Khan Unaza Khan (A'07)
Coro Fellowship, New York
Niambi Young (F'08)
Fulbright Scholarship, Egypt

In August, Tufts veterinary student Elliott Garber will ship off to India to examine infections that are communicable from animals to humans. Aaron Harris, a third-year student at Tufts School of Medicine, will travel to Bangladesh to study Cholera. Tufts senior Unaza Khan will begin a nine-month, post-graduate leadership training program in New York.

These Tufts students are among several from across the university who received e-mails and phone calls this spring notifying them that they had been selected for some of the most prestigious fellowships and scholarships in the country. Garber became the first veterinary student in history to earn the National Institutes of Health Fogarty Fellowship—an honor Harris also earned. Khan was accepted into the competitive Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs, while a handful of her classmates claimed highly coveted Fulbright scholarships.

We spoke with eight students who earned major fellowships or scholarships this spring about how their Tufts experiences have influenced their work and where they hope these honors will take them.

Profiles written by Meghan Mandeville, Office of Web Communications

Photos by Alonso Nichols for Tufts University. Homepage photo courtesy of Elliott Garber.

This story originally ran on May 14, 2007.