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Kyle Sircus (A'11) played Herr Schultz in Torn Ticket II's fall 2007 production of "Cabaret," opposite Rebecca Schoffer (A'08) as his love interest, Fraulein Schneider. Learn more about Kyle's role in the musical. (Flash required)

As a freshman, Kyle shared his impression of the theatre community at Tufts:

"Something that I definitely took away from this was the strong sense of community the theatre program here does provide, both in terms of the department and the people involved in organizations like Torn Ticket and Pen, Paints and Pretzels -- the real openness to new ideas, the accepting of new members. As a freshman, it was such a welcoming community that was filled with exictement and the drive to create new things every semester, and an exposure to people who are really devoted to their craft and love what they do.

"I think something that surprised me coming in for my first time was how the majority of the people involved in student productions are not theatre majors. And I think that's something that's really remarkable. I think it's a very diverse community and the fact that not everyone majors in drama really does provide a very diverse set of viewpoints."

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This story originally ran on Dec. 10, 2007.