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Active CitizenshipIn the University College's Active Citizenship Summers program, Tufts students spread out across the globe, blending their academic interests with a commitment to public service.

Fresh from observing sustainable development strategies in Robertsfors, Sweden, Jessica Erickson (A '06) is still wide-eyed, speaking about the experience with an inspired lilt in her voice. "I'm still processing a lot of it now, but it was really a pivotal period of time for me, and I really think that it will integrate into a lot of my future work," she says.

Erickson is one of 37 Tufts students who have spent their summers working with the Active Citizenship Summers program. From the dusty roads of the Mississippi Delta to a bustling medical center in Boston's Chinatown, to the sweeping hills of Sweden and classrooms in local Medford and Somerville high schools, these students devoted their summers to public service projects with both global and local impact. Read More >>

A Closer Look:

Medford/Somerville, Massachusetts

"[With this project], weíre talking about great chances for Medford and Somerville high schools to go beyond what they have been able to do so far." Read more >>

Robertsfors, Sweden

"As much as a knowledge of environmental protection is important, the way you deal with other people...was ultimately the most important part of becoming a sustainable community."

Jackson, Mississippi

"[I want to continue] working to change people's health for the better so they can live healthier lives," Goosby said.

Chinatown, Boston

"I knew that after I get out of undergrad, I want to go to medical school and be a pediatrician... And Iím also a community health major, so I wanted to do something public-health related. So I guess the combination of public health, active citizenship, the Cantonese-speaking skills - I wanted to combine that."

Profiles written by Jessica McConnell, Class of 2006

Jessica McConnell, a native of Hillsborough, NC, is a political science major and a communications and media studies minor. She wrote for the features section of The Tufts Daily throughout the spring of 2005, and worked last fall at the National Guardian Newspaper as an exchange student in Ghana, West Africa. This fall, Jessica will be playing for the Tufts Women's Ultimate Frisbee team and emotionally (if not physically) assisting the Elephant Women in their quest for a national title.

Photos of Angie Lee by Melody Ko, University Photographer. Photos of Ilan Behm by Brian Loeb (Class of 2006). Additional photos courtesy the University College, Jessica Erickson and Latrice Goosby.

This story originally ran on Aug. 22, 2005