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Robert A. Weinberg

Tufts President Lawrence S. Bacow awarded Robert A. Weinberg an honorary degree during the University's 153rd Commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 17, 2009.

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Commencement 2009

Robert Weinberg, as one of the world’s leading cancer researchers, you have advanced our knowledge of this dread disease, and laid the foundation for many of the approaches now being pursued for its treatment. Yours has been a career of “firsts.” You and your colleagues isolated the first human cancer-causing gene, and then went on to isolate the first tumor-suppressing gene. You led the team that, through a series of genetic manipulations, built onto the platform of a normal cell the first genetically defined human cancer cell. Today, you are opening new frontiers in our understanding of the critically important interactions between tumors and the normal tissue surrounding them. You are also elucidating the genetic basis of cancer’s spread within the body, which leads to metastases—the most pressing clinical problem in treating cancer today. A gifted teacher, a nurturing mentor, and a true statesman of science, you have also written a series of elegant books that have educated lay readers on the intricacies of modern cancer biology. Your narratives are models of clarity that convey both the human and the intellectual drama of modern scientific discovery. For your singular contributions to biology, medicine, and the popular understanding of science, Tufts University is honored to present you with the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa.

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This story originally ran on May 17, 2009.