Tufts University

2008 Distinction Awards Ceremony

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The Extra Mile Award, for exceptional customer service


Brian K. Lee, Vice President for University Advancement [ Watch video ]

  • Lidia Bonaventura, staff, Arts & Sciences [ Watch video ]

    Lidia Boinventura, who has been at Tufts for 23 years, is the Department Administrator for the Department of Psychology in the School of Arts & Sciences. Lidia's student and faculty "customers" praise her for a distinctive combination of caring and efficiency. Thanks to her initiative, strong work ethic, and resourcefulness, the department runs smoothly, while also being a warm and welcoming community. Graduate students especially appreciate the effort Lidia makes to resolve their administrative questions so they can focus on their studies. Lidia, your door is literally and metaphorically always open to those who need your help. We are proud to present you with an Extra Mile Award for your service to Tufts.

  • The Carmichael Dining Hall Team, staff [Watch video]

    Together, the 26 employees on the Carmichael Hall Dining Team have a remarkable 312 years of service to Tufts. They bring to their work a range of talents and experience. Some of them have been here only a year; one of them, Josephine Berte, has been here 34 years. What unites them is a profound dedication to our students and the university. This dedication shows itself in extreme conditions: In 2005, for example, our students got fed when a blizzard closed down the state. The same dedication also comes out in less dramatic moments, like the annual Station House Chili Fest luncheon, which brings police and firefighters from Somerville and Medford to campus during each October's Fire and Crime Prevention Month. Members of the Carmichael Hall Dining Team: By going the Extra Mile, you strengthen the fabric of the Tufts community.

    • Brian Keith Arrington
    • Josephine A. Berte
    • Linda A. Borelli
    • Innocent Chery
    • Domenic D'Amore
    • Sherri M. Dalessio
    • Edward Dias
    • Robert A. Doherty
    • Marie F. Floreal
    • Yves Andre Henry
    • David Kelley
    • Peter H. Kourafalos
    • Hang Ping Lin
    • Barbara A. Pacini
    • Catherine Parent
    • Jose Parent
    • Bernadette Pompee
    • Olege Pompee
    • Anna Rico
    • Alan Matthew Sammis
    • Alba Schiavone
    • Carlton Richard Sewell
    • Andres Spalaris
    • Robert G. Stefanik
    • Maria Venturo
    • Sahra N. Warsame
  • Mark Gonthier, staff, Dental [ Watch video ]

    The students at the School of Dental Medicine are pretty certain that Mark Gonthier, the School's Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, bleeds brown and blue. Impressed by his dedication, they are also grateful for his care and personal attention, crediting him with bringing them to the School and with getting them through it. They thank him for working to bring their concerns to the faculty and administration, and for being with them at every step of the licensure process. Mark, in your 21 years at Tufts, your attention to applicants and dedication to students has played a major role in the success of your School and helped to greatly increase its diversity. We thank you for consistently going the Extra Mile.

  • Robin L. Graham, staff, Dental [ Watch video ]

    As a Practice Administrator in the pre-doctoral practices in the School of Dental Medicine, Robin Graham plays a critical role in making sure that students get the practice opportunities essential to dental education. The students she works with thank her for all she does to smooth their academic progress, while working to meet the varied needs of patients and the high expectations of the clinical faculty. Robin's efforts, they say, are a critical factor in practice group 5's high on-time graduation rate and strong financial performance; recently, while administering one busy clinical practice group herself, she has helped another practice group manage a period of staff transitions. Robin, we are grateful that during your 13 years at Tufts you have gone the Extra Mile for students, faculty, and patients.

Photos by Alonso Nichols for University Photography

This story originally ran on June 9, 2008.