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Marathon 2007The members of the Tufts President's Marathon Challenge team not only train and race together, but find within one another a unique source of support.

On Patriot's Day, the nearly 200 members of the fifth annual Tufts President's Marathon Challenge team gathered in Hopkinton, Mass., for the 111th running of Boston's legendary marathon. But while the race itself is a demanding task, most of the work is done in the preceding months, when team members gather on chilly mornings in Grafton, Medford and Somerville to hit the pavement and learn how to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the big day.

Photos from the race:

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It is also through this training process that the group of runners truly becomes a team. Though they hail from across the university, the common goal of running the marathon has enabled them to get to know one another and depend on each other for support. Titles fall to the side, and everyone is just a runner with an eye on the finish line—and a fundraising goal of $400,000 for nutrition, medical and fitness research and education across Tufts.

We spoke with various Tufts runners, ranging from students to community members, about why they're running the race and what they hope to get out of it. In addition, Tufts graduate and former marathon team member Steve Eliopoulos (A'89) has produced a behind-the-scenes video of the training process, capturing the moments that make training for a marathon a unique experience.

Profiles written by Georgiana Cohen and Meghan Mandeville, Office of Web Communications

Video production by Steve Eliopoulos (A'89), Gravity Film Video & Digital Media

Homepage photos by Joanie Tobin, Tufts University Photo, and Jodi Hilton and Alonso Nichols for Tufts University Photo. Training photos by Joanie Tobin, Tufts University Photo. Grafton team photos (including homepage image) by Jodi Hilton for Tufts University. Runner profile photos courtesy of Don Megerle.

This story originally ran on Apr. 16, 2007.