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Tufts Community Union Senate

Matriculation 2008

Duncan Pickard and TCU Senate Treasurer Matt Shapanka in the Senate Treasury office.

Every spring, the undergraduate student body elects a new president to lead the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate. But a lot happens between that election and the first Senate meeting in the fall, as Duncan Pickard can attest.

Matriculation 2008

Pickard chats with Joe Golia, new director of the Office of Campus Life.

While Pickard, a junior history major, spent this summer in Jordan studying Arabic, he and his executive board still carved out a significant amount of time to plan for the upcoming year.

This month he hosted a meeting of the board at his home in Martha's Vineyard, Mass, where the group thought "about where we want the TCU by the end of the year, specific tolls we will use to evaluate our goals, and how we can communicate those goals to the rest of the Senate," according to Pickard. He also plans to meet with university administrators before the start of the school year.

Matriculation 2008

Pickard picks up the key to the TCU Senate office in the Mayer Campus Center.

"Spending the summer abroad has given me a great opportunity to think about next year, my goals for the TCU, and how we can best make those happen," says Pickard. One such priority is leadership development for TCU senators. Pickard and his executive board spent part of this summer devising a program to help them better execute their initiatives, including a workshop and a project-tracking website.

Pickard also worked this summer to set up the blog he plans to maintain throughout the school year to share his views and connect with the student body.

"I am so optimistic and excited about the coming year," says Pickard. "What I am looking forward to most is brainstorming ideas on how to improve student life with a group of smart and passionate people."

Who else is getting ready?

Profile written by Georgiana Cohen, Office of Web Communications

Photo by Joanie Tobin, University Photography.

This story originally ran on Aug. 25, 2008.