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Getting Ready

Tisch Library

Matriculation 2008

Library assistants Annah Jones and Anthony Mengelkamp prepare an exhibit on banned books in the lobby of Tisch Library.

When classes hit, students hit the books. That's when Tisch Library becomes a top destination for students, whether they're writing a paper on a Sunday afternoon, conducting some late night online research or taking part in an exam study session at the Tower Café.

"We're looking forward to it," says library director Jo-Ann Michalak.

This summer, library staff have been busy fielding early requests from faculty for instructional sessions in their classes, developing a pilot program for helping professors manage copyrighted materials via the Blackboard online course management system, processing reserve reading materials and putting the finishing touches on both a new website and a new visual identity. Other summer improvements include everything from expanding wireless access to completing various painting, carpeting and reupholstering projects.

Matriculation 2008

With so much to offer, Tisch Library tries to make it easy for students to learn what resources are available to them. During freshman orientation and the first week of classes, the library provides tours of its many resources, beginning in the lobby each day at noon. And throughout the fall, library staff members host workshops on various bibliographic research tools, such as RefWorks and EndNote.

It's been a busy summer, but Michalak is looking forward to an even busier fall. "I think there's a mood of anticipation," says Michalak, who recalled a staff member complaining it had gotten "a little too quiet."

The students' return means a steady stream of bookish Jumbos filtering through the library's doors. For Michalak, that sound is music to her ears.

"That's why we're here," she says. "It should be busy."

Who else is getting ready?

Profile written by Georgiana Cohen, Office of Web Communications

Photo by Joanie Tobin, University Photography.

This story originally ran on Aug. 25, 2008.