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Getting Ready

Danish Pastry House

Matriculation 2008

Kathleen Flahive helps a customer at the Danish Pastry House.

When Kathleen Flahive graduated from Tufts in 2004, she didn’t go far—just across the street, as a matter of fact. That year she and a partner opened the Danish Pastry House in the Medford Hillside neighborhood, and ever since Flahive has relished the opportunity to both be part of a thriving local business and stay close to her alma mater.

"We form relationships with the students," says Flahive. "We get to know them so much when they're coming in through the year, when they’re stressed during finals and excited when they're done."

By virtue of its proximity to campus—and, some might say, its tasty pastries—the café and bakery has become a popular hangout for the university community. So naturally, Flahive is looking forward to an up tick in business come fall when the students return. It's an event that's hard to ignore, with the preparations that are happening everywhere on campus.

Matriculation 2008

"It makes me proud every time I see the campus and it's so beautiful, and everyone's working so hard to make it perfect for when the students arrive," says Flahive, who majored in peace and justice studies at Tufts.

Part of the summer at the Danish Pastry House has been spent planning a new, expanded fall menu. Flahive also plans to host local musicians one evening per month, responding to interest from both the Tufts and local community.

For Flahive, Tufts students are more than just customers.

"We're excited to see some familiar faces coming back as well as to introduce ourselves to the new students. It's like your friends have been away for the summer and they're coming back."

Who else is getting ready?

Profile written by Georgiana Cohen, Office of Web Communications

Photos by Alonso Nichols, University Photography.

This story originally ran on Aug. 25, 2008.