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Dining Services

Matriculation 2008

Chef managers Peter Kourafalos and J.P. Beaulac in Carmichael Hall.

Listening to director of Dining Services Patti Klos detail the preparations underway for the new school year is enough to make any mouth water. From new soft-serve machines at Dewick-MacPhie dining hall to frittatas now on the menu at the Hotung Café, tasty things are in store for returning students.

The year kicks off with the Food Fair, an event held on Friday night of orientation week—this year Aug. 29—at Fletcher Field, where tents from all the dining venues on campus show off their creations.

It's been a busy summer for Dining Services, with chef managers Peter Kourafalos and J.P. Beaulac testing new recipes and improving old ones, as well as performing general maintenance on equipment and facilities.

"Now we get the excitement of being back at full tilt," says Klos.

Matriculation 2008

The office has also been working hard to prepare its new JumboCash program, which combines the previous Points Plus and Dining Dollars services to serve students who are buying anything from books to breakfast.

For Dining Services, the fall heralds not only the return of the students but the return of many of its staffers who only work during the school year. At the Food Fair, upperclassmen will often greet familiar dining hall workers and chat about their summers.

"They're all happy to see each other," she says.

The upcoming school year is a special one for the staff of Carmichael dining hall, which in June received an Extra Mile award for customer service at the inaugural Distinction Awards. A banner in Carmichael will honor their achievement, which, according to Klos, has put them "on cloud nine."

Who else is getting ready?

Profile written by Georgiana Cohen, Office of Web Communications

Photo by Joanie Tobin, University Photography.

This story originally ran on Aug. 25, 2008.