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Getting Ready


Matriculation 2008

A worker lays new flooring in a renovated West Hall lounge.

Every fall, when students return to campus, they make the rounds of their favorite haunts. But here and there, something slightly different may catch their eye. Was that chandelier here last year? Was this wall always yellow? Is this new carpeting? Is it just me, or does this building just look a lot better than it did last year?

Chances are, the answers would be no, no, yes and yes. Each summer, the Facilities Department tackles a host of projects both small and large, making improvements to dorms, academic buildings and other locations on campus ahead of the students' return.

"Summers are our busiest time of year," says facilities director Bob Bertram.

While this summer's projects have included general upkeep such as painting and repairs to residence hall rooms and classrooms, there have also been some major undertakings on the Medford/Somerville campus. One such project has been the exterior renovation of Eaton Hall, including a new roof, refurbished windows and restoration of the marble facade. Residence hall renovations have included improvements to the common areas in West Hall, featuring new painting, carpeting, lighting and décor and newly renovated, accessible bathrooms on the lower level, accessibility and bathroom improvements to Metcalf Hall and lounge improvements in Wren Hall.

As the Facilities staff is busy applying the last coats of paint and driving in the last set of nails, they're already figuring out where to marshal the paintbrushes and hammers next year.

"As this summer comes to an end," says Bertram, "we are already actively planning what we do over the summer of 2009!"

Who else is getting ready?

Profile written by Georgiana Cohen, Office of Web Communications

Photo by Alonso Nichols, University Photography.

This story originally ran on Aug. 25, 2008.