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Template NameWith their groundbreaking research on pathogen-host relationships, Tufts’ John Coffin and Carol Kumamoto have shed new light on the ways retroviruses and fungal infections evolve and operate.

John Coffin


"We're seeing if we can resurrect these viruses, or at least parts of them. We're seeing if we can bring these long-dead things back to life."
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Carol Kumamoto

Candida albacans fungus

"That's one of the fun things about being in science: working with interesting, smart, young people who are excited about what they're doing."
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Profiles written by Patrice Taddonio, Class of 2006

Patrice Taddonio, a native of Holland, Pennsylvania, is an English major and a communications and media studies minor. Currently editor of The Tufts Daily, she interned with the Improper Bostonian magazine during her sophomore year and worked as a temporary text editor with the Associated Press at the July 2004 Democratic National Convention. A songwriter, Taddonio has also performed on guitar and vocals at on-campus venues and at Boston-area benefits.

Kumamoto photos by Melody Ko, University Photographer. Coffin photos by Jodi Hilton for Tufts University.

This story originally ran on Mar. 6, 2006.