Tufts University

Election Day or Bust

Campaign 2006From the campaign trail to the classroom, members of the Tufts community are getting political.

With Election Day approaching, the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. From the corridors of Congress to the smallest town halls, citizens and politicians alike are anxiously awaiting their day at the polls. At Tufts, as well, people from all corners of the university community are getting involved and informed.

  • Several Tufts students got involved with the political process by volunteering for candidates—or in some cases, even running for office. We spoke to a few of them about their experiences.
  • We also asked experts from Tufts' political science faculty, as well as a graduate with political expertise, a few questions about political polling—what it means, how it is executed and whom it affects.

Profiles written by James Gerber, Class of 2008

Homepage photo of Mitch Robinson by Essdras Suarez, Boston Globe. Photograph was originally published in the July 9, 2006, edition of The Boston Globe. Story photos courtesy of the students, except for Mitch Robinson photo by Spencer Leonard for Tufts University Photo

This story originally ran on Oct. 30, 2006.