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While the weather may have been warm, many Tufts students spent their summers engaged in cool research and service projects around the corner and around the world.

Every summer, Tufts undergraduate and graduate students fan out and travel into the community or around the world to embark on a wide variety of research and service projects. Two Tufts-sponsored programs, Summer Scholars and Tisch Active Citizenship Summers, help organize and support such endeavors.

This year, student researchers explored topics ranging from the revolutionary history of Boston to the fluid mechanics of bone marrow, while Active Citizenship Summer participants tackled projects including the use of green space in Somerville and sustainable development in Honduras. Here is an up-close look at some of these projects:

Active Citizenship Summers

'So Much Potential'
Working at the Mystic Learning Center in Somerville introduced Lauren Angus to a vibrant community just a few miles east of Tufts' Medford/Somerville campus.

'In The Trenches'
Chrissy Goldberg trained Eastern European educators on curriculums that teach people how to collaborate on community betterment initiatives.

Summer Scholars

'The Power of Perception'
Senior Asha Clarke set out to determine how well people can predict happiness or depression in others based on nonverbal signals.

'A True Calling'
Before beginning her junior year, Aliza Lailari spent six weeks in India exploring the impact of call centers on the lives of the young women who work there.

Learn more about this year's School of Engineering Summer Scholars:

Profiles written by Georgiana Cohen and Meghan Mandeville, Office of Web Communications

Photos courtesy of the students, except for Angus photos by Jodi Hilton for Tufts University

This story originally ran on Sept. 3, 2007.