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Just Warming Up

For Tufts students who engaged in research and community projects this summer, their involvement doesn't stop with the advent of the school year.

Every year, the Summer Scholars and Tisch Active Citizenship Summers programs provide Tufts students with opportunities to pursue a range of research and community outreach projects on campus, down the block and around the world. For these researchers and active citizens, the projects they worked on this summer could lay the groundwork for an event during the school year, an honors thesis or perhaps even a career.

This year, student researchers examined hip hop music, arthritis and ancient Egypt, to name a few topics, while Active Citizenship Summer participants worked with groups ranging from local young photographers to mayors from around the country. Take a closer look at some of their projects:

Summer Scholars and Active Citizenship Summers

Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars and Active Citizenship Summers

Active Citizenship Summers

Profiles written by Kaitlin Melanson, Office of Web Communications

Homepage and Jacobs photos by Alonso Nichols, University Photography. Other images courtesy of the students.

This story originally ran on Sept. 8, 2008.