Tufts' Strategic Themes


Tufts University's Strategic Plan represents the influence of faculty, students and staff from across the university, as well as alumni, trustees, advisors, community partners, parents and friends. Through the synthesis of these many perspectives, four strategic themes emerged. We see these themes not as independent pillars upon which Tufts rests, but as mutually reinforcing components that form the basis for a strong, interconnected, sustainable Tufts.

The four strategic themes, which embody the core of Tufts' vision and mission and will be the primary focus for Tufts over the next 10 years, are as follows:

  1. Foundational Initiatives. In addition to the fundamental assertions that motivate the strategic plan, seven essential foundational initiatives were identified that respond directly to critical challenges facing higher education and are essential to the success of the additional strategic themes.
  2. Enabling and Integrating Transformational Experiences. Tufts is committed to providing every student with ample opportunities for transformational experiences, both within and beyond the classroom, that are meaningful and integrated with his or her broader Tufts experience. Faculty and staff must also have enhanced access to resources that will allow them to better enable transformational experiences for students and for themselves. We have identified several initiatives that will advance these goals.
  3. Engaging and Celebrating Commonalities and Differences. Tufts is committed to achieving the promise of a diverse and inclusive community, curriculum and research portfolio, infused with a myriad of local and global, historical and contemporary, complementary and divergent perspectives. The initiatives identified under this strategic theme will advance our goals, in part by boldly confronting critical challenges that too often are ignored.
  4. Creating Innovative Approaches to Local and Global ChallengesTufts thrives on embracing complex issues and marshaling the capacities of our unique constellation of schools to envision innovative approaches to evolving local and global challenges. The initiatives identified under this theme will advance our goal of using educational, research, entrepreneurial and applied opportunities to generate positive short and long-term impact on one another and the world.

Collectively, these four strategic themes and the many associated initiatives will serve as a guiding light for Tufts University.

Read the complete Tufts University Strategic Plan (2013-2023).