Electronic Musical Instrument Design

Spring, 2015 • Assignments

Assignment is due on specified date

Jan 28

Read: What Is MIDI part 3
Read in course pack: Synth School
Read online: Tanaka 2011 pdf

Jan 26

Read in course pack:
• Profile: Michel Waisvisz
• article from Electronic Musician "The Outer Limits"—it's long!
• booklet: "What Is MIDI?", parts 1 and 2 (if you haven't taken Music 64 or 65)

Create a table of physical gestures. Include at least three gestures for each of these parts of the body:
Head       Mouth       Neck & Shoulders       Arms
Hands & Fingers       Torso & Hips       Legs       Feet

Columns on the table are:
      • physical gesture
      • musical gesture in common use (can be more than one)
      • musical gesture you can imagine (can be more than one)
Template (feel free to use it) is here.
Submit your assignment as a Word document e-mailed to the instructor before Sunday 9 pm.

Jan 21

Read in course pack:
• Wilkinson chapters 1 ("Musical Physics" pp 2-5) and 2 "Synthesis" (pp 9-15, up to "Physical Modeling"). Even if you have read this for another class, it's good to review it anyway!
• "Bikes Harps & Yo-Yos " (also on line here [pdf])
• “The Fanciest Washboard…” (also online here)