Electronic Musical Instrument Design

Spring, 2016 • Assignments

Assignment is due on specified date

Feb 17

Lab: Do Max Tutorials under Help menu
Basic 1-8
MIDI 1-3
Do not Save over Tutorial patches!! (use Save As... if you want to save them)

Feb 10

Read: Reason 8.1 Operation manual, chapter 32/p.665
do something with MPD amd editor and one or more Reason modules
in course pack, “Sample Solutions”
watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLh6G1aLuzo
Computer scientists
watch (as much as you want) http://youtu.be/iENVztlxWuk

Feb 8

Lab: Make a Subtractor patch, starting from the default patch or another one, that uses the keyboard and its controls in an interesting way.
Read on computers or online:
Reason 5 Getting Started, chapter 3/p.28 (ignore the parts about the sequencer), and Reason 8.1 Operation manual. chapter 29/p.573.
Lehrman, Report on NIME for SoundOnSound (long version) online
in course pack, Lehrman: Performing Musician, NIME 2009
in course pack, Profile: Michel Waisvisz (this was assigned last week!), listen to two recordings here and here
on line, Tanaka2011.pd

Feb 3

Read: What Is MIDI? part 3
Read in course pack: Synth School
Read on line:

Feb 1

Create a table of physical gestures. Include at least three gestures for each of these parts of the body:
Head • Mouth • Neck & Shoulders • Arms
Hands & Fingers •Torso & Hips • Legs • Feet

Columns on the table are:
physical gesture
musical gesture in common use (can be more than one)
musical gesture you can imagine (can be more than one)

Blank table (Word document) is on Website. Fill it out and email to instructor before Sunday 9 pm.
Read: Profile: Michel Waisvisz
http://www.dafact.com/fonctionnalites.php?id_product=1 + videos
Read: What Is MIDI Parts 1 & 2

Jan 27

Read in course pack:
• Wilkinson chapters 1 ("Musical Physics" pp 2-5) and 2 "Synthesis" (pp 9-15, up to "Physical Modeling"). Even if you have read this for another class, it's good to review it anyway!
• "Bikes Harps & Yo-Yos " (also on line here [pdf])
• “The Fanciest Washboard…” (also online here)

Read online:
• http://mentalfloss.com/article/59118/10-obscure-electronic-musical-instruments
• http://weburbanist.com/2009/11/17/the-future-sounds-like-this-10-magnificently-modern-musical-instruments/
• http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/oct06/articles/sonalog.htm