Music 65 / EE 65 Fall 2014 Assignments and Readings
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due on the date specified

September 17

Read: Thompson, Chapter 2 through middle of p.22
Read: White, Chaps 5-8
Read in course pack: Why does Proximity Effect occur?
Read in course pack: Using DI Boxes

September 16

Read: Thompson pp 245 (middle)-258, 315-329 (middle)
Read: White chapters 1-4
Read in course pack: Room modes

September 9

Read: Thompson, pp 106-120; 207-217, 222-229 (middle).
Read in course pack: "The Big Misconception"

Read in course pack: "Why Gear Doesn't Matter"

September 4

NOTE: Attendance at the evening session on September 4 is requested of ALL students.

Read: Thompson "Understanding Audio" Chapter 5, through p. 105.
Study in the course pack: frequency and loudness charts
Read in the course pack: “MIT finds new hearing mechanism”
Read in the course pack: “iPod trend brings spike in noise-induced hearing loss.”
Read in the course pack: “How Hearing Works”