Music 65 / ME 93 Fall 2015 Assignments and Readings
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due on the date specified

December 8

Read, listen to examples linked in the text

December 3

Read in course pack: Surround Variations

December 1

Final project proposals due Monday November 30, 6pm

Read in course pack: Synchronization and timecode basics, SMPTE Time Code Tutorial
Read in course pack: Mix—The Biq Squeeze

November 24

3rd project writeups due Monday November 23

November 19

Lab: Spend at least an hour playing with Melodyne. Read the "10-minute" guide to using Melodyne in the manual.
Read in course pack: Tutorial: History of MIDI
Read in course pack: Tutorial: Technology of MIDI (four parts)
Read ProTools Reference, chapter 22

November 17

Read in course pack: Celemony Melodyne DNA Editor (review from Sound On Sound magazine)
Read: -- all pages under Introduction, Alloy Modules, and Meters.

Lab: take one of the Telefunken sessions from the server and copy it to your local drive. Do a mix of it, cleaning it up through editing and filtering as necessary; using eq, compression, and delay/reverb as you see fit.

Note: in the Counting Crows sessions, the Master fader's output is set to "Print". You want to change that to "Main out 1-2" or you won't be able to hear anything!

November 12

Third project proposal due Sunday November 8. Project presentations November 19.
No class Tuesday, November 12

Watch the rest of the Tom Dowd Film (on server: TomDowd.m4v)
Read Pro Tools Reference Guide: chapters 42, 44, 45

November 3

Write up second project, due Tuesday at class.
Read in course pack: Dynamic range compression
Read in course pack: Phasing
Read in course pack: Flanging

October 29

Read: In course pack: Modeling plug-ins
Read: In course pack: Advanced reverberation; Use Reverb like a Pro 1
Read Thompson ch 12, ch 13

October 27

Read: In course pack: History of sound recording (Wikipedia), “Canned Music on Trial” (text is duplicated)
Read: Thompson ch 3, ch 11 through p. 245 (Harmonic Distortion)
View page and movie:

October 22

Read in course pack: Moulton: Beyond Spectral Management
and Basics of Hard Disk Recording part 1 (1994)

October 20

Read in course pack: Audibility of a CD-Standard A/D/A Loop
Audiante Dante white paper
Strawn Digital Audio Concepts, p. 38-end

Read on web:

October 15

Read on website: VRM Box User Guide pp 3-6
Read: Thompson ch 14
Read: in course pack Strawn: Digital Audio Concepts, through page 38 (dynamic range)

Proposal for Recording Project: multimic (up to 7) 2-track session in Pro Tools. Proposal due in class 10/15. Project due 10/29

October 13

Write: First project report. What you recorded, how you chose and set up mics, how you experimented and decided on a final approach, how you liked working with your team.
Read: Thompson chapter 2, pp. 27 (Ampllifer)-31 (Computer)

Visit and spend a few minutes on these web pages:

October 6

Read: Pro Tools Reference Guide 39, 43.
Read: White Chapters 10-12, 14
Read: Thompson chapters 3, 4, 12

Class on October 6 meets in Distler!

October 1

Read: ProTools Reference Guide, chapter 20 (starting at Record Modes); chapter 21 (up to Recording from a Digital source, p. 474); chapter 2 (skip MIDI parts on pp 523-526); chapter 25

Read: Yamaha 01V96 manual (pdf on site) chapter 5

Meet with your team to plan and make a two-track recording. It must have at least two instruments, or guitar and voice, or drumset, or solo piano. You can play it yourselves, or ask others (better!) to play while you record. Bring in your proposal on Thursday. Edit on the lab computer and make a 3-minute (more or less) version to play in class (although the original piece may be longer).

September 29

Read: White chaps 9, 13
ProTools Reference Guide, read while looking at a Pro Tools session!
Applications>Avid>Pro Tools>Documentation>ProTools>Pro Tools Reference Guide.pdf
chapters 2, 11, 12 (up to MIDI controls on p. 193; then p 210 (Menus)- p 212), 13

September 24

Read: Thompson ch 7 (non-engineers can skip pp 150-158)
Read in course pack: Coincident or Near-Coincident Mic Placement Techniques, Spread stereo mic techniques

Thursday afternoon class in Fisher; Thursday evening (all students) in Room 27.

September 22

Read: Thompson Chapter 2, through middle of p. 22
Read: White chapters 5-8
Read in course pack: Why does proximity effect occur?
Read in course pack: Using DI boxes

September 17

Read: Thompson pp middle of 245-258, 315- middle of 329
Read White chapters 1-4
Read in course pack: Room modes

September 15

Read: Thompson Chapter 5, through pp. 106-120
Read: Thompson pp 207-217, 222-middle of 229.
Read in the course pack: "The Big Misconception”
Read in the course pack: "Why gear doesn't matter"
Read in the course pack: “MIT finds new hearing mechanism”

September 10

Read: Thompson "Understanding Audio" Chapter 5, through p. 105.
Study in the course pack: frequency and loudness charts
Read in the course pack: “iPod trend brings spike in noise-induced hearing loss.”
Read in the course pack: “How Hearing Works”