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Instructions for the Core Award Program

Applications may be submitted at any time. The proposal must be a research project that utilizes CNR core facilities or the Tufts Molecular Facility.
The budget for proposed research is limited to $3,000 and funds may be used only for core services and related supplies expenses (up to 20% of the budget). All proposals must be submitted electronically as word or pdf files to Kim Maguschak.

The proposal format must conform to the guidelines described below:

  • Length: a total of 2 pages, including a project summary of 200 words or less and the main body of the proposal with all figures and tables (2 pages max for everything)
  • Type Font: 12 point; type density no more than 15 characters per inch
  • Margins: minimum of 0.5-inch for all margins

Proposal Content
You are encouraged to include figures in addition to text, but figures must be within the 2-page limit. Presentation of data from preliminary studies is not a requirement. However, for the proposal to be competitive, investigators must justify the proposed research plan and the proposed core usage as well as indicating how generation of a particular preliminary dataset will strengthen an application for NIH funding. Only completely novel methods need be briefly described. Please address the following items in the application:

  1. Description: Provide a 150-200-word summary of the proposed research stating the expected CNR core usage.
  2. Background: Provide a brief statement of the ideas and reasoning behind the proposed work. Cite relevant literature references (not part of the two-page limit).
  3. Need for Preliminary Data: Describe how the preliminary data collected using the requested funds will facilitate a new NIH grant application.
  4. Objectives: State concisely the project’s specific aims and research strategy.
  5. Core Usage: State concisely the intended usage of the CNR Core Service or the Tufts Molecular Facility mass spec service.
  6. Budget: Indicate a budget for the proposed work (may exceed $3000 although
    the CNR award is limited to $3000).
  7. References: Cite complete references in one page or less. These are not considered part of the 2-page proposal limit.
  8. Biographical Sketches: Include NIH-style biosketches for participating investigators.

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