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Animal Behavior Core

An open field, T-maze, and water maze used in behavioral testing  

The CNR Animal Behavior Core is located within the Department of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) on the third floor of the South Cove building. The core provides neuroscientists with a variety of behavioral services.

  • Provide equipment, facilities, consultation, and technical expertise for carrying out behavioral experiments
  • Ensure that NINDS investigators have access to equipment and services necessary to assess behavioral phenotypes

If you would like to use the behavior core, please sign up at this link. Should you have other queries, please contact Kimberly Maguschak (617-636-3624).

    The core provides expertise and equipment for many different behavioral assays including responses to drugs of abuse. Please follow the link below for a description of services.

    Currently available assays
    * Any project involving animals must be approved by the Tufts University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before initiation. The Core Manager can provide assistance in preparing amendments or sections to include behavioral testing in animal protocols.

Animal Transfers
    All transfers of mice to the Core must first be approved by DLAM. Please complete the ANIMAL RELOCATION FORM prior to bringing mice into the Core housing facility.

    Fee structure for Tufts neuroscientist, other academic users, and non-academic users.


Jamie Maguire, PhD
Klaus Miczek, PhD

Core Manager
Jennifer Newman, PhD

Scientific Advisor
Jane R. Taylor, PhD
(Yale University)

South Cove 3

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