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Computational Genomics Core

Example of data analysis field using ImaGene software  
Example of data analysis field using ImaGene software  

The Computational Genomics Core provides neuroscientists and other Tufts investigators with resources for gene expression and genomics studies, pathways analysis and computational biology. Bioinformatics software applications, such as Bioconductor for microarray analysis, are available on CNR workstations located in Stearns 207. Core users can reserve a computer by contacting Dr. Lax Iyer and signing up in the facility logbook. You can learn more about the Tufts Bioinformatics Server at this link. Contact Dr. Lax Iyer with questions about core services.

Services of the Genomics Core

  • Nucleic acid quality analysis
  • Microarray gene expression studies
  • Statistical analysis of microarray data using Bioconductor and other software packages
  • Downstream analysis of next generation sequencing projects
  • Training sessions on Genomics Core programs
  • Licensing and installation of program software
  • Genomics and Bioinformatics consultations
  • Experimental Design for microarray and next generation sequencing studies

The CNR Genomics Core includes the Tufts Expression Array Core (TEAC) which provides instruments and expertise for gene expression studies (located on Stearns 2). There are instruments for nucleic acid analysis (Nanodrop and Agilent Bioanalyzer), and 2 Q-PCR machines (Stratagene real-time cyclers). To reserve the Bioanalyzer, please click here and sign up in the appropriate facility logbook. To use the Stratagene real-time cyclers, sign up on the Mx3000P and Mx4000 calendar.

The current Tufts-negotiated prices for Affymetrix gene chips can be found at this link. Information on Illumina expression arrays can be reviewed at this link. Please contact Kim Maguschak for current pricing of microarray services and use of Bioanalyzer and Q-PCR instruments.

Next generation sequencing services are available for Tufts Researchers via the Tufts University Core Facility . For Neuroscience projects, the CNR Genomics core will provide help with downstream analysis. Please contact Lax Iyer for more details. These and other CNR core services are subsidized for neuroscientists through the new CNR Core Award.

Links of Interest
Fees for CNR Bioinformatics Services
Tufts Computational Biology Initiative
FAQ regarding Gene Expression Studies
Websites endorsed by the Genomics Core of the CNR
Tufts Emboss Server (for Tufts use only - requires an account)
University of Pittsburgh Online Bioinformatics Resources Collection
Bioinformatics Links Directory
Neuroscience Informatics Resources

Images produced using GeneSpringsoftware for data analysis of mouse genes.Top: k-Means clustering; Bottom: graph of geneexpression allows for visualization of experiments  
Images produced using GeneSpring software for data analysis of mouse genes.
Left: k-Means clustering; Right: graph of gene expression allows for visualization of results.


F. Rob Jackson, PhD
Leon Reijmers, PhD

Senior Manager
& Bioinformaticist

Lax Iyer, PhD

Scientific Advisors
Winston Hide, PhD
(Harvard University)

Dennis Wall, PhD
(Harvard University)

Stearns 207A and 331

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