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Electrophysiology Service Fees

Consultation is available by appointment and at no charge by contacting Chuang Du at 6-6988 or

Experimental use of the core is arranged by reserving a block of time, normally on a weekly basis.

The following fee structure divides services into three phases. In phase one, core personnel will carry out preliminary experiments within 1-2 blocks of time free of charge. At the end of this period, the manager will provide an assessment on the feasibility of the project, and the investigator will decide whether to continue with core services at the next level.

In phase two, the core will carry out additional experiments for the investigator at a standard academic rate of $30/h. Tufts neuroscientists receive a subsidized rate of $10/h.

The final phase of core service will include training of lab personnel and consultation for setting up electrophysiological approaches in the investigator’s own lab. The service during this phase will be billed on an hourly basis. Additional equipment within the ion channel research group in Arnold 106 (Dunlap/Blaustein/Cox’s labs) may be available free of charge for the trainee’s use.

When available, equipment may be used by investigators, with minimal involvement of facility personnel, at a rate of $15/h ($100/day). The subsidized rate for Tufts neuroscientists is $5/hr ($20/day).
EBCF Service Structure
Preliminary assessment of problem   no charge
Troubleshooting for best approach       
Gathering preliminary Data    
Continue preliminary experiments   $30/h standard academic rate
Help with data analysis   $10/h neuroscientists
Assist with set up of recording equipment              $30/h standard academic rate
Training of lab personnel   $10/h neuroscientists

Chris Dulla, PhD
Eric Frank, PhD

Core Manager
Chuang Du, PhD

Scientific Advisor
Todd C. Holmes, PhD
(University of California - Irvine)

Arnold 106


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