For repeated use of confocal and laser capture microdissection instruments, users should email Dr. Alenka Lovy to schedule a training session.  In order to reserve time on the Leica, Nikon, or Arcturus instruments, you will need to sign up at least several days prior to use. For experienced users (i.e., fully trained users), we will consider evening and weekend sign-up times. Our facility is located in Stearns 207, adjacent to the Stearns elevator.

All Imaging Facility users are encouraged to read the Imaging Facility Update blog for current instrument status.

On the appropriate calendar page, click on the date and time that you would like to reserve and enter the required information. Please remember to select the appropriate instrument in the pulldown menu. You may also contact Dr. Alenka Lovy, the TIF manager, at or 617.636.3795. Dr. Fanny Ng may be contacted regarding use of Zeiss DIC/Fluorescence at

Please follow the links below for additional information about the TIF.