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Pilot Project Proposal Instructions and Application

Proposal: Must be a collaborative research project involving two or more Neuroscience faculty members (tenured or tenure-track) from Tufts or its affiliated hospitals. Proposed research must utilize CNR core facilities. The intent of these pilot awards is to stimulate collaborative research among CNR investigators and other neuroscientists at Tufts and its affiliated hospitals that leads to new NIH grant funding (e.g., R01 or program project grants).

All proposals must be submitted electronically as word files to Kim Maguschak.

The proposal must be clear and legible and conform to NIH proposal format guidelines (see details below):

  • Length: a total of 2.5 pages including the project summary (250 words or less) as well as the main body of the proposal with all figures and tables (2 pages maximum).
  • Type Font: 12 point; Type Density: no more than 15 characters per inch.
  • Spacing: single-spaced between lines of text, no more than five lines of type within a vertical inch.
  • Margins: minimum of 0.5-inch top, bottom, right and left.

Proposal content
You are encouraged to include figures in addition to text, but figures must be within the 2.5-page limit. It is the investigator’s responsibility to clearly articulate the collaborative nature of the proposed research and how it will utilize CNR core services. Presentation of data from preliminary studies is not a requirement. However, for the proposal to be competitive, investigators must demonstrate a sound rationale for the collaboration, proposed experiments and proposed CNR core usage. Only completely novel methods should be described.

Describe the proposed project using the outline provided below:

  1. Description: Provide a 250-word summary of the proposed research including the collaborative nature of the work and stating the expected CNR core usage.
  2. Background: Provide a brief statement of the ideas and reasoning behind the proposed work. Describe previous experience most pertinent to this proposal. Cite relevant literature references.
  3. Rationale/Purpose: State the rationale for the collaboration and the proposed research. Indicate how preliminary data from the work will be leveraged to apply for new NIH funding.
  4. Objectives: State concisely the project’s specific aims and research strategy.
  5. Core Usage: State concisely the nature of CNR core usage.
  6. Methods: Discuss experimental design and methods to the extent that they are relevant for understanding the proposed research.
  7. References: Cite complete references in one page or less. These are not considered part of the 2.5-page proposal limit.

Biographical Sketches
Include NIH-style biosketches for the collaborating P.I.s and any other key personnel.

The budget for proposed research is $15,000 - $20,000. A budget request and justification must be submitted. Funds can be used for research supplies, small items of equipment, and personnel, but not for travel.

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