TCSVM Faculty

Jeffrey C. Mariner
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental and Population Health
Phone: 508-887-4762
Fax: 508-839-7946

DVM - Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine - 1987
BA - Kenyon College - 1979

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General Research Interest
International development, vaccine thermostability, participatory and quantitative epidemiology, infectious disease modeling, livestock services institutional change and policy reform.

Research Sponsor Interest

  • Privately Funded Research
  • Federally Funded Research
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Selected Research Projects

  1. Impact assessment of emergency relief in northeastern Kenya: Assessing the positive and negative impacts of emergency drought interventions on the livelihoods of pastoralists in Northeastern Kenya.

  2. Transmission dynamics of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP): Mathematical modeling of the transmission dynamics of CBPP in pastoral systems in Africa to better inform disease control policies at the regional level.

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Research and Clinical Interests

  • Lyophilization and chemical stabilization of vaccines

  • Participatory and quantitative epidemiology

  • Mathematical modeling

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Selected Publications

  1. Mariner JC, House JA, Sollod AE, Stem E, Van den Ende MC and Mebus CA, 1990. Comparison of the Effect of Various Chemical Stabilizers and Lyophilization Cycles on the Thermostability of a Vero Cell-Adapted Rinderpest Vaccine, Journal of Veterinary Microbiology 21:195-209.

  2. Mariner, JC, House JA, Mebua CA and Van den Ende MC, 1993. The use of thermostable Vero cell-adapted rinderpest vaccine as a heterologous vaccine against peste des petits ruminants, Research in Veterinary Science 54:212-216.

  3. Mariner JC, Jeggo M, van't Klooster GVM, Geiger R and Roeder PL, 2003. Disease surveillance performance monitoring using quantifiable indicators. OIE Rev Sci Tech 22:837-47.

  4. Mariner JC, and Roeder PL, 2003. The use of participatory epidemiology to study the persistance of Lineage 2 rinderpest virus in East Africa. Vet Rec 152:641-7.

  5. Mariner JC, McDermott JJ, deJong M, Catley A and Roeder P, 2005. A model of lineage 1 and lineage 2 rinderpest virus transmission in pastoral areas of East Africa. Prev Vet Med 69:245-263.

  6. Mariner JC, McDermott J, Heesterbeek JAP, Thomson G, Roeder PL and Martin SW, accepted for publication. A spatially heterogeneous model of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia transmission and control in pastoral communities in East Africa. pre Vet Med.

  7. Mariner JC, Morrell J, Ksiazek TG, 1995. Antibodies to haemorrhagic fever viruses in domestic livestock in Niger: Rift Valley fever and Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 53:217-221.

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