Why do a neuro exam?
Many components of the neurologic examination are included in the basic physical examination of the patient. In a normal patient this helps to rule-out any underlying neurologic disorders. In a patient showing neurologic deficits this examination becomes far more important. In a patient with a neurologic disorder the neurologic examination is necessary in identifying differential diagnoses and in making a diagnosis.

How to use this CD
This CD is broken into three major sections. This section overviews how to use the CD and why you would do a neurologic exam on a patient. The next section is the neurologic examination, it has text explaining the various steps in the neuro exam, a video clip demonstrating how to perform these steps, audio clips to listen to as you watch the video, and finally links to the review section. These links are highlighted so if while reading the text or watching the video you realize that you need a review of a basic concept you can click on the highlighted topic and find a brief overview of that topic available to you.

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