Selectives Program

The Selectives program was established to provide students with an opportunity to personalize their educational process. The intent of the program is to foster networking and to develop clinical, research and discipline-based skills and experience that will influence a student's career opportunities. Another goal of the program is to promote the development of desirable personal attitudes in and behaviors of future members of the veterinary profession.

Students at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine have the equivalent of one afternoon a week each semester for the first five semesters of the DVM program which they can devote to a professional or personal development endeavor in the form of a selective. Students may earn ½ credit for a minimum of 40 hours (one afternoon each week) or 1 credit for a minimum of 80 hours (two afternoons each week) a semester. Selective credits may also be earned during the summer.

First year students are strongly encouraged to wait until their second semester to start their selectives. There is an orientation for the first year class in early December to help students choose a selective as well as to organize a lottery to distribute the most popular selectives. There are many possible selectives, both on and off of the Cummings School campus, listed in the Selectives Guide.

Mentors of the Selectives programs are required to give a pass or fail grade for each selective. Students should be integrated into the daily activities of the selected discipline, clinical, research or service-based experience. Whenever possible, students and mentors have the option to renew their selective for subsequent semesters. Unfortunately, no funds are available to support the student's participation in the Selective program.