Selectives Program Forms

Selective Add/Change Form
The Selective Add/Change Form should be used when a student wishes to develop a new selective opportunity or when the information about an existing selective site should be changed.
Tufts @ Tech Required Forms
This is for the Selective Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic. First year Selective students are required by law to complete many forms to be permitted on the Worcester Technical High School campus. Read the Tufts @ Tech Requirements and follow all the directions. It is the student's responsibility to submit all forms.
Student Evaluation Form
The Student Evaluation Form is required for a student to receive credit for a selective experience. It is the student's responsibility to give their selective mentor the evaluation form to be returned to the Cummings School.
Selective Program Thank You Letter
The Selective Program Thank You Letter is a thank you from Dean Kochevar to be given to the selective mentor when a student finishes their selective experience. The thank you acknowledges the mentor's contribution to veterinary student education by participating in the selective program.