Equine Sports Medicine

Senior Year Honors Elective in Sports Medicine

Dr. Melissa R. Mazan, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM, Assistant Professor of Large Animal Medicine, Director of Sports Medicine 2001

Equine Exercise Physiology or equivalent
Letter of intent
Curriculum vitae

This elective is designed for the senior student with a special interest and demonstrated ability in equine veterinary medicine. In order to be considered for acceptance into this elective, the student should have taken the selective seminar Equine Exercise Physiology. In this one-week Honors Elective in Sports Medicine, each pair of students will have primary responsibility for one teaching horse. The students will each learn to:

  • Participate in joint injection laboratory
  • Perform a prepurchase physical examination and lameness examination
  • Train a horse to the treadmill
  • Perform resting and dynamic endoscopy
  • Perform a treadmill exercise test and analyze VO2max and stress electrocardiography
  • Analyze current literature

Day 1:

  • AM: Introduction, reading material distributed, topics for Day 5 presentation assigned, students assigned horses, basics of physical examination and lameness examination.
  • PM: Students have introduction to mechanics of treadmill, introduce horse to the treadmill.

Day 2:

  • AM: Treadmill training - advance to fast trot/pace.
  • PM: The ins and outs of prepurchase examinations.

Day 3:

  • AM: Joint injection didactic seminar on clinical anatomy, palpation and external anatomy on live horses.
  • PM: Wet laboratory - one front limb and one hind limb per student pair.
  • Joints injected will include navicular, coffin, pastern, fetlock, and carpal joints; hock and stifle joints.

Day 4:

  • AM: Introduction to stress testing - one stress test performed and analyzed.
  • PM: Introduction to endoscopy - each student will perform resting endoscopy.

Day 5:

  • AM: Introduction to dynamic endoscopy - students will each perform dynamic endoscopy.
  • PM: Mini - presentation - analysis of assigned 'current topics in sports medicine'.